Opportunity Engineering

Hey guys I am giving you an opportunity this time. You can ask one question/make one request to our H’ble Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh. What would you ask? “Mere Ghar ka nal kharab ho gaya hai Theek kara dijiye please”. I am not joking. Don’t know about you but this is what my friends from engineering college would have asked? How do I know? Here is it:

There is an amazing site called crazyengineers. They recently gave an opportunity to its members to ask questions to Dr.Stephan Wolfram, the creator of Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha. And guess what all our student friends had to ask “Can you suggest me a topic for mini project/final yr project?” ,”Will this blah-blah topic be ok for my seminar?” . What a waste of such a fantastic opportunity. This was inspite of repeated requests from administrator to post more sensible questions. “GET REAL GUYS”.

Is this all our budding engineers can think of ? And we call ourselves a Knowledge Economy!!!


9 thoughts on “Opportunity Engineering

  1. Wow, you are on CE too. Yep, I remember this thread. It was pathetic, people asking the most stupid questions imaginable. Kaustubh was literally on the verge of a mental collapse, because, this was not the first time people have come up with such questions for the CE’s Small Talk section.

  2. I guess that question tops any engineering student’s mind these days. Nobody is spared from this question. Even if Einstein or Newton appeared in front of them, they would still ask the same question. 🙂

  3. Hi Dear,
    Now I would like to know if u would hv given the opportunity,what u would hv asked to these guys:
    1.our PM
    3.Amitabh Bachhan

    If u can ask the same question wid diff context,then nothing like it……

  4. @Yogs

    1) our PM : Dude, whats your opinion on banning NSDL – National Securities Depository Limited ?

    2) Einstein : Dude, whats your opinion on banning NSDL – Normalised Source of Distortive Light ?

    3) Amitabh Bachhan : Dude, whats your opinion on banning NSDL – National School of Drama Limited ?

    4) God : Dude, whats your opinion on banning NSDL – Non Social Diversified Life ?

  5. Thats cool!!!!!!! Maan gaye peeyush tumhe.But why u r so much behind NSDL??? Mujhe lagata hain ki tum apne bacche ko school main bhi in char letters se dur rakhoge……(N S D L)

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