Rainy Days

Every time I think of the rainy season I get nostalgic. I get reminded of my school days which used to start at the onset of monsoons. I loved the feel of a new Uniform, the scent of new books and new covers, the excitement of meeting all your friends again, new classroom , new textbooks, new teachers and all the action that follows.

That is the time when all your raincoats and umbrellas come out of the closets, Flowers start blooming again, you can smell the scent of the moist mud on the road,  you get relief from the scorching heat of the summer, you get to see greenery around and every evening you can come home to hot tea and hot pakodas with rain pouring outside. The guava, channa, hot corn and all the play in water was fun that I can never forget.

With the power cuts due to rains during those days, you had an excuse to skip your homework and spend time playing pranks with your siblings and eat dinner in candle-light. Rains also provided an excellent excuse to reach late to school(Sir, I got stuck in the rain 😉 ). All the indoor games that we played and getting up in the coziness of a warm blanket Wow!! I miss those days…