Rainy Days

Every time I think of the rainy season I get nostalgic. I get reminded of my school days which used to start at the onset of monsoons. I loved the feel of a new Uniform, the scent of new books and new covers, the excitement of meeting all your friends again, new classroom , new textbooks, new teachers and all the action that follows.

That is the time when all your raincoats and umbrellas come out of the closets, Flowers start blooming again, you can smell the scent of the moist mud on the road,  you get relief from the scorching heat of the summer, you get to see greenery around and every evening you can come home to hot tea and hot pakodas with rain pouring outside. The guava, channa, hot corn and all the play in water was fun that I can never forget.

With the power cuts due to rains during those days, you had an excuse to skip your homework and spend time playing pranks with your siblings and eat dinner in candle-light. Rains also provided an excellent excuse to reach late to school(Sir, I got stuck in the rain 😉 ). All the indoor games that we played and getting up in the coziness of a warm blanket Wow!! I miss those days…

10 thoughts on “Rainy Days

  1. After school comes college, where rains no longer mean sibling pranks or excuses for not doing homework!! Then we start working and rain becomes a hurdle to reaching office – the place where nothing can be an excuse for reaching late 😦 Years pass by and eventually I am sure we will see our kids doing rain dance, sailing paper boats in rain water, dirtying their clothes and we will yet again feel nostalgic monsoon after monsoon…
    Someone who can never enjoy the beauty of the first rain would invariably be a cricket fanatic who would curse the sweet smelling earth because that moistened the pitch and called off the game!!

  2. Cycling to school in rain, going to the canteen for a garam garam samosa instead of attending the class was like ages ago! Now one down pour and you are stuck in a traffic jam, no autos but who’s complaining, not me for sure!Well the best part is I still enjoy getting wet in the rain ( I keep a spare set of clothes at my office always), so no chance that I will let go off an opportunity of getting wet in the rain, feeling the droplets on your face, walking with jeans folded up & barefoot ( yeah at times I do walk on the road without my shoes).

    A cup of hot tea some munchies, looking out of the window hoping the rain won’t stop till I get home-I still enjoy all this…:)

    thanks ya sapna- reminded of the good old days and yeah I am looking forward for the rains to come again..:)

  3. I used to love those rainy days when only around 20 odd % of students turned up for school and there were no professors around. We had the whole day to ourselves, so what if in school. It was more enjoyable than being at home. And what fun whole day. We could freely move in the corridors and even cross the demarcated divisions. The prefects didn’t mind the commotion, they too were enjoying after all! And then the walk back home with a bhutta (corn) in hand. Magical.
    Thank you for bringing back such wonderful memories.
    This season onwards, I am going to re-live all those moments. Why should we take away our childhood from us? 🙂

  4. Very, very true. i also miss those days. Being under the rain is also blissful. I love the way me and my siblings take our showers during those rainy days. Whoa, I also remembered how we draw pictures of clouds with raindrops and moisten them, as our childish way of “enchantment”. lol. I miss those days!

    • Thanks so much for the comments Kam 🙂

      Because of your comments I actually went back and read quite a few of my old posts. I had started just then and wasn’t very good at articulating my thoughts. (Not that I am doing a great job of that now 😛 ). Now after it has been so long and I read them I can see the mistakes, grammatical errors and how I could have written it better.

      I can also see how much I have changed as a person. Now I hate rains. They only remind me of how I cannot go out even in the weekends due to rains(The only time we can do some personal work). All the muddy waters dirtying my dress, those cars which drive through waters without the slightest thought for pedestrians and the power cuts tell me of the lost productivity( both mine and others) and pakodas feel ‘Oh so oily’!

      • Hahaha… I meant the same. I started blogging sometime in 2008, if you read my posts, you would laugh like . . . hahaha… And, about your change, hope the hatred is removed soon and you will love rains again. Don’t worry! Things will be better, as they always keep changing.

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