The Firm

If had to choose only one topic on which I could write, it would undoubtedly be Books. I am a book worm of the nth degree and highest order.  So much that I used to even read the piece of news on the newspaper wrapped on the channa that I bought at the road-side vendor.

Though I read on all the topics under the sun (and even beyond the sun), novels and esp. thrillers are my favorite. Starting from Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys I have read novels by various authors like Sidney Sheldon (my fav), Alistair Maclean, Jeffrey Archer, James Hadley Chase. ..But this one was my first novel written by John Grisham called “The Firm”.

I enjoyed every moment of it. It is about a Harvard law graduate Mitchell McDeere, who is lured by a seemingly legitimate law firm(Bendini, Lambert, and Locke) in Memphis by offering an irrefutable package of salary and perks, much more attractive than the other Wall Street offers. Only a few insiders know its nexus with “THE MAFIA”. The FBI who is trying to penetrate into the firm for quite some time picks up McDeere, the newcomer, who is untill this point of time unaware of the nexus. He has two options now, both equally dangerous

1. Stick with the firm,earn loads of money and land in jail someday when FBI gets enough evidence to nail all the culprits.

2. Help the FBI, collect evidence for them, testify against the firm in the court of Law and live under FBI protection with a new identity in a new place, the rest of your life only to be found by the bad guys someday(Remember, the  Mafia never forgets).

McDeere is at crossroads but luckily has not much to worry about except for his beautiful wife Abby and a convicted brother Ray who is already in the prison. One small mishap and he is forced to run, run for his life. With a twist that too, now he has both the FBI and Mafia chasing after him. Read the book to know more. It makes an exciting read.


10 thoughts on “The Firm

  1. I am ordinarily a big mystery reader. Only once in a while. I checked out a book by Margaret Coel since I saw her speak at the Colorado Independent Publishers
    Association College. I was curious – I found I really liked her writing.

  2. Thanks a ton for the review.. was hoping someone wud suggest some good reads…

    PS: Though I love reading fiction off late I have been enjoying reading chicklits too. Have you read Zoya Factor???

  3. I am sure you will love it Pallavi. 🙂

    I am yet to explore the world of chicklits and now that you have mentioned I’ll start with Zoya Factor.

  4. “The Firm” is a fast paced novel. If you liked it, you should probably try any novel by Robert Ludlum. Ludlum has a knack to write fast paced thrillers. I bet you will forget Sidney Sheldon after reading that!

  5. I agree with Anup. Probably Sidney Sheldon is good to start with, but once you graduate to a higher level, you will forget them. I have read almost all her novels. The only one I like to read again is Doomsday Conspiracy. Archer too is good. But Ludlum and even Frederick Forsyeth are way ahead.

    I’d recommend you Scarletti Inheritance by Ludlum, simply amazing.

    As for Firm, its a very well written novel. But have you watched the movie based on it? (Starring Tom Cruise). It was a drab

  6. I agree with you on Sidney Sheldon. But he was a genius nevertheless. Remember the ‘I dream of Jeannie’ series.

    I have already started reading Ludlum with ‘The Bourne Identity’. Seems good. I am yet to complete the novel. Also reading ‘The path of Glory’ by Archer. Again I am yet to finish that. Now with your recommendation I will have enough reading to do before worrying which one to pick up next. 🙂

    As for The Firm movie. I usually don’t watch movies based on the novels I have read or plan to read. That saves me from the disappointment later 😉

  7. Hahahahaha…. 😀 LOL…

    I am nowhere connected to books and now here, seem to have landed up on a blog of a bookworm(s). Look at the commentary here!

    By the way, your narration traced the book and tracked your readers to read it! Good one.

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