Mother’s Recipe

What is it about Mothers that makes the food they cook so irresistable? One of my roomie’s mom has come to stay with us and this afternoon she cooked some Pulav. The pulav was simply amazing. The same ingredients that we use everyday, the same method but mothers manage to add a magical touch to the food. Thank you aunty 🙂
I miss my home and miss you Mom 😦


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Recipe

  1. Here is the recipe Sap:
    The key ingredient is love my dear;
    •Mums add loads of it while cooking the meal
    •Then garnish it again some more when the dish is ready
    •And serve it to us with a smile and content look on the face that just adds to the flavor…

    I don’t go home for more than 2-3 days at a stretch so my menu is pre-decided. If I am going by morning train then rajma chawal with dahi bhallas followed by….. Ok, if I go on then we all will be calling our moms over soon!

    PS: Did I mention I am going home in next 15 days! Anyone wants to have a yumilicious chocolate cake or any other dish, let me know I will have it on your behalf and send you a picture of it… 🙂

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