Mobile Mania

Today one of my colleagues bought a new phone. And more than half the day he has been trying to figure out how to use the phone. I am not talking about the advanced features but basic ones(call, message, add contact etc). The reason being the time taken to figure out the essential details out of all the features the phone is cluttered with. That just made me wonder how many of us use all the features.Have you used all the features in your phone?

I don’t think even half of us do that. These days are mobile phones are loaded with different features and applications. Most of us don’t even know all the features let alone use them. To top it all it has a touch screen. My touch screen contact book that I bought long ago is one investment I regret. I find working with a stylus extremely inconvenient. No doubt the set he has bought is a wonderful piece and worth every rupee he has paid for it but the question remains. Do you use all the features or do you even need all the features or are you even aware of all the featrues!!!

Not just that they are hindrance when all you want to do is add a name and contact number and you have scroll through the endless options to finish a simple job. Everything said and done all of us still prefer to buy the newly-launched-stylish-sleek high-end mobile phone loaded with applications, Bluetooth, infrared…(mostly for the green-eyed monster’s sake)

7 thoughts on “Mobile Mania

  1. I still haven’t downloaded the manual for my phone, forget about using all the features!
    I have managed to learn the basics on my own.
    Its embarrassing, I might not be able to change certain settings which I have not bothered to check till now.
    Same goes for many others I guess…

  2. Ha! I can relate with this post and yr colleague as well.. I got a Imate JAQ as a gift a few months ago, all my excitement fizzled out when I saw size of the phone because it won’t even fit in my pockets and on top of that it is way too complicated for me to understand and handle ( the phone now has been lying in my cupboard for last 3 months)..don’t think I will get around to using it ever 😦

    I miss having a user-friendly nokia

  3. @Smithi: 🙂

    @Tanzeel: I have never bothered to see how my phone manual looks and I don’t think I’ll ever do it 🙂

    @Pallavi: The best one I find is my very first Reliance CDMA mobile phone set. Didn’t have many features and that was what I loved about it “Simplicity”

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