Bandra-Worli Sea Link

Bandra-Worli Sea Link(BWSL) is dominating the news these days and rightly so. This engineering marvel is the hot topic for discussion. Some found  it amazing, the others found it a waste of taxpayers money. The pictures of cable-stayed bridges(esp. Golden Gate)  have fascinated me. Staying in Mumbai and working in a area so close to the bridge, not visiting this new landmark would be a sin. So we decided to check it out yesterday.

We hired a cab(the only option for ppl like us who don’t own a car) as no buses ply as yet.  It was an exhilarating experience. Watching the sea from your vehicle on the bridge is an awesome feeling. It would have been much better if not for the traffic. Especially now since the toll fee is waved upto 6th July people are eager and you could spot more people who had just come to see the bridge. Many of them took a U-turn and checked out the journey from both the sides(just like we did) 🙂 .

Agreed that for a country which churns out more than 3 lakh engineers every year, this is not an achievement we need to be very proud about. But atleast we have made a beginning. And a good one. The BWSL is supposed to be a eight lane (four in either direction) road. But only four are operational presently. The delay in the construction and cost far exceeding the estimated cost are a trademark of Indian projects so nothing special about that one.  After the completion of all the lanes(hopefully soon) this could become the next tourist spot of Mumbai. But that would require another lane where tourists could pull over,watch the sunset and take pics and enjoy the scenery… Presently we are not allowed to stop anywhere on the bridge.


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