Kambakht Ishq

It’s amazing. I discovered something about myself after seeing this movie. I have got loads of patience and I actually sat through the whole movie :).  How dare they sell these movie tickets? We should actually be paid to have tolerated the movie.

It is a typical hindi movie set up in Hollywood. Neither the drama nor the comedy is bearable. We love to see Akshay Kumar in a casanova avtar but being outright cheap…sorry Akki. Only thing worth watching were Kareena’s designer costumes and footwear. Also a couple of scenes of Javed Jaffery were ummm comic you can say. And I don’t know what made the censor board give this one a U certificate. It is most definitely not meant for ppl of all ages.

My verdict: We should sue the makers for giving this trash and charging us for that.

Moral of the story: Kambakht dil ki baatein sun kar kabhi advance booking mat karwao (Never listen to your {kambakht} heart and book the tickets in advance)

4 thoughts on “Kambakht Ishq

  1. Okay Sap.. I have officaly decided to visit your blog before I decide to go and watch a movie & tk your advice when not sure which books to pick… 🙂

    thanks for saving me from a paid for torture!

  2. Official Correspondence

    Dear Pallavi,

    Thank you for the trust imposed by you in the blog. We hope to live upto your expectations. And assure you that we try and bring out only the best for our readers.

    The movie and book review blog committee.


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