Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Come rainy season and you can see greenery everywhere. It is one of the best time to go on a nature trail or bird-watching and the like. With the Sanjay Gandhi National Park so close by how could we let the opportunity go waste. It is also an excellent season for capturing your favorite moments on the camera.

Situated in the Mumbai suburbs of Borivali, Sanjay Gandhi National Park is great getaway for the weekends. The vast Green stretch of National Park extends from Borivali to Goregaon. The park has plenty of attractions. Museum, Nature information centre (NIC), Kanheri caves, Tree house and Tiger and Lion Safari being few of them. This time we chose to go on the safari.

The safari rides are closed on Monday. On all the other days, do check out the timings before you head for the ride. On reaching at the counter you will find the green coloured safari buses waiting for you. An outing is no fun without friends. And I was fortunate enough to have two of them(Ganesh and Gunjan). And when you have friends with great sense of humor it is a blast. 

We found a streamlet nearby and watched the bird catch its prey with great interest. We were excited at the prospect of seeing the wild animals in their natural habitat. As soon as we started we could spot a white tiger and four Bengal tigers. The tigers were in a playful mood and it was treat watching them. As the safari bus stopped one of them got up and walked a full circle as if it is showing off. Everybody in the bus was trying to get a good glimpse of the tiger so that they can capture it on their camera. Our bus started and very soon there was a Lion waiting for us. It majestically walked in front of the bus and sat right beside it. No wonder Lion is called the ‘King of the Jungle’. The royal and pompous mannerism is just impossible to miss.There was also a lioness sleeping nearby. The ride was too short to spot to miss any more than two animals but no body was complaining. Who wants to see anything else?

This was followed by a lunch with hot tea. My weekend Couldn’t have been better.


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