abbrd pst

Earlier we had a form of communication called telegram where every word you send was charged. So people used every possible means to send shorter messages. You would find lots of jokes woven around the miscommunication thus resulting.

With the invent of web came another language the net lingo which was intended to reduce the typing effort or to be used for chatting among friends which parents did not understand like PIR (Parents in Room). And very soon this trend was picked up by SMS enthusiasts. How can we not mention IT industry which has significant contribution in this area. OOPS, LISP, VB, VC, AIX, AI, SRS, SDD…..Now this trend has percolated to every walk of life

Though very prevalent, I wouldn’t have bothered to think so much about this topic if I had not seen this mail from a  client . It was something like this:


A meeting has been scheduled by MD(EVP) at 3:00 pm in TC(HHR) for discussing the issues related to the JJDP POK problem. As you all have consented for JJRC(IRS) please contact with IP(VP) and RT(EVP) for the signoff.


PS: Some names and abbreviations have been changed to protect my own skin if any of them happens to read this post.

I don’t know what to make out of it. 😯 In case you are wondering what the title abbrd pst meant it is “Abbreviated Post”.

5 thoughts on “abbrd pst

  1. Hey Sapna .. Do you remember we had lesson in English subject,some thing called ..”Language Changes …”.
    New words come, few words get modified and few cease to exist. Above is the perfect example.

  2. @Pal: ThnQ 🙂

    @Prasad: Change in words is understandable but to read a mail which looks more like a puzzle is not a very good communication tool esp. when you are writing official mails.

    A safer bet would be to use only very common short forms like ASAP, Asst. Manager, dept etc. And Acronyms should never be used in place of names to avoid any miscommunication.

  3. Hahah… 😀 hey pls don’t mind my laughs around your blog! you really made the plot so beautiful, truthful and funny! 😀

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