No Kidding

Kids are supposed to be very naughty and mischeivous. But where do we draw a line between naughtiness and misbehaviour. Kids might not know the answer but surely grown ups would know.  My experience today says otherwise.

We happened to go to National Park today and we stopped near a streamlet to play in water. We were enjoying ourselves when three buses full of children on their school picnic stopped by.  They looked like affluent kids from some prestigious International school. Everything was fine when suddenly some of them started picking up stones and started throwing in all directions. Inspite of people asking them not to do so they continued to do so. We searched for a teacher who might be accompanying them but couldn’t find them. We had no option but to leave as we didn’t wanted to get hurt. Finally we spotted their teachers sitting in another corner and went to complain.  We were in for a surprise. Imagine the teachers response “What should we do if they are throwing stones?”, “Why don’t you’ll get up from that place?”. What surprised us most was not the children’s act but the teachers’ response.

Firstly they were supposed to supervise the children and not find a seperate corner for themselves and secondly defending such act is almost encouraging to do so. There were atleast four other schools who had brought their pupils for the school picnic. But none of the other teachers left the the kids to themselves. Infact one of schools had only three teachers for a very  large  group of pupils. They had divided them into sub groups and each sub group had a student leader and none of them created nuisance for others. Perhaps these teacher’s could take a leaf  out of  the local school teachers books.


11 thoughts on “No Kidding

  1. I have a better idea- lets send the teachers to a school where they can be taught how to be good teachers and not just adults minus maturity, No Kidding!

  2. Reason #7932 of why Prateek Varma hates kids.

    Parents and teachers both are at fault here. They lack the patience to teach good morals and just give in to the child’s every whim to quieten their tantrum.

  3. True Prateek and most of them do it as they cannot give quality time to their kids.Giving in to their whims becomes kind of a compensation.

  4. hold on guys…Patty, how can you hate kids??? for that matter can anyone even dislike them. If kids are the way they are then the onus is on parents, teachers and elders in the family… I love kids and love to indulge them as well but at the same time I don’t believe in spoiling them. There has to be a balance and like I said the fault is with the those who can’t teach them the right way and correct them when they behave badly.

    and the ones who can’t stand kids- we too were kids at one point in time and did our share of shararts. check their behaviour but don’t shun them away. BTW we all can teach them something even if you are not going to meet them again, check them there and then and make sure they listen to you!

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