The Proposal- Movie review

The Proposal is definitely worth a watch. It has already managed to secure a place in my list of all time favorite romantic comedies. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds put up a commendable show.

Margaret(Sandra Bullock) is an Editor-in-chief of a publishing house and is popularly known in her office as ‘The Witch’. The moment she steps out of her cabin the word travels through the instant messenger “The Witch is on her broom”. Andrew(Ryan Reynolds) is her assistant who also loathes her.

The story begins when Margaret’s (who is a Canadian) Visa application gets denied. She is about to be deported, which also means she would be losing her job in the US. This lass quickly cooks up a love story between her and Andrew. She threatens Andrew to marry her or lose his job.

In order to sell their lie they go to Alaska to visit Andrew’s family on the weekend for his granny’s birthday. Margaret who has lost her parents at the age of 16 finds out what it is like to have a family. No prizes for guessing what happens next. Yes they fall in love 🙂 . The immigration officer Mr.Gilbertson smells a rat and is most definitely not convinced that they are in love and here comes our villian. Oscar Nunez needs a special mention here for his performance.

Nothing new about the story but has got all the elements in the right proportion. A right mix of romance and comedy. If you still haven’t watched the movie then it’s time you did.


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