Harry Potter 6 movie

Harry Potter and the half blood prince is the sixth in the series of harry potter movies.

The special effects in the movie are great but thats about it. Not much of a story except for the teenage romance between Ron,Hermoine and Harry,Ginny. It is more like a filler preparing the base for the next movie.  The movie has some comic moments. Absence of Voldemort is felt though the movie is dark in theme( Dumbledore’s death and the sinister hallways).  Looks like there were no classes in 6th year.

It still has the Harry Potter magic but could have been better.

3 thoughts on “Harry Potter 6 movie

  1. I saw the movie today and frankly it was quite below expectations. They cut off majority of the good parts.
    There was a 3 chapter fight b/w D.A. and the Death Eaters after Dumbledore is killed when the kids defend the castle along with the Order members.
    The makers of the movie have succeeded in making a teenage romance movie. More focus is on the various love triangles then the actual story.

  2. It seems to be the same old story. Why is it so difficult for filmmakers to retain the same magic across all sequels? Or is it that we have extremely high expectations when something good is served first up. I think its a bit of both.

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