Paths of Glory – Jeffery Archer

This is the story of a man who loved two women, and one of them killed him. The two women in question are his wife Ruth and Goddess Chomolungma(Mt.Everest in Tibetian). The story is about George Mallory’s quest to reach the summit of Mt.Everest.

 In real life it is a mystery whether George Mallory made it to the summit. His body was found in 1999 a few hundred feet below the summit. Whether he and his partner Sandy Irvine died on the way to the summit or on their way back is not known. If he had succeeded he would be the first person to scale the everest in 1924 much before 1953. He was carrying a camera with him which has not yet been found. He had promised his wife Ruth that he would place a photo of hers on the summit. The photo has also not been found in his wallet. But the truth lays hidden beneath the sheets of rock and ice on the Everest .

The novel could be described as semi-historic and is different from the other thrillers. It is more of a biography of George Mallory. Though the pace is slow it makes an interesting read. The letters written by George to Ruth are the heart of the novel. The novel is set in the old world English land where bigotry was very much a part of the English culture. Finch makes a very good competitor and keeps Goerge going whenever he wants to quit. You might be tempted to put down the book at times but it is worth reading till the end.

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