Truth or Dare

Do you remember the game we played as teenagers?  Invariably most people opted for a dare. Doing acts of dare is fun but not washing your dirty linen in public.

Everybody these days is talking about the new reality show ‘Sach ka saamna’. One of my friends also wrote about it in his blog. I haven’t watched a single episode of the show(or its American counterpart) and don’t plan to watch it either. What is the fun in knowing the dirty secrets of others lives? I also read somewhere Rajeev Khandelwal is impressed by people who dare to reveal the truth. B*** S***. Who does he think he is kidding? Everybody knows any participant out there is present only for money and nothing else.  And this money no matter what amount is going to ruin their many relationships and their reputation for sure. I would say hats off to the people who refused to be a part of the show(Amrita Singh and the others like her), who dare to accept that it is their life and its details(dirty or otherwise) are not for sale.


7 thoughts on “Truth or Dare

  1. This is the 3rd post I am reading on that crappy & digusting show- too much importance we are giving to it…it ain’t worth a watch and defi not worth a discussion or talk.

  2. Believe it or not, but we all thrive on bunch of lies every day. May it be giving an excuse for coming late or for not doing work on time.

    @Pallavi: Controversy attracts controversy. And if you write a post on it, it attracts audience 🙂

    PS: Thanks for the ping

  3. I like you Sapna, I really do. This is the nth time I have agreed with you.
    I must confess though I didn’t plan to watch this show and for that matter any reality show but I had to. I was at the barber’s shop and watched Rakhi ka Swyambar and Sach ka Saamna back to back while sitting on the chair and getting my hair cut.
    Both are quite irritating I must admit.

  4. @Prateek: Rakhi ka swayamvar is crappy and Sach ka Saamna is another crappy show. Put both together and you get twice the crap.

    PS:Glad to know I am not the only who thinks the way I do. 😀

    @Mayur: Thanks for the tip. Now I know what to write so that I get more audience for my posts 😉

    My post would have been incomplete without the reference 🙂

    @Pallavi: Now I am waiting to see what topic do you pick up next to write.

  5. @ Sap: my next post is already up.. anything but controversy thr.. and I did think about what are the controversial things I can write about.. nothn came to my mind..:(

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