Kasab confesses

Ajmal Kasab is the lone surviving terrorist involved in 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Kasab’s confession is being seen as a ploy to gain sympathy. What the hell. Sympathising with him is like mocking the deaths of all the people who died at CST and the all others who lost their lives in the 26/11 tragedy. While I believe in fairness, and the theory that “Every accused is innocent until proven guilty”, prolonging this trial is like taking fairness and justice a bit too far. In fact this is being unfair to all the people who have lost their near and dear ones in the tragedy.With all the evidence we already have what is the stopping us from nailing Kasab. From his statements it is very evident he has been trained to mislead the court.

With all the amount of money spent on Kasab from the government kitty and the extra security he is become no less than a VIP. What justifies all the amount that is spent on him? This particular matter is not as simple as nailing a normal cold-blooded criminal. It has far reaching consequences in terms of foreign affairs, millitary intelligence, tackling terrorism and the like so everything may not be evident to ordinary mortals like us. But common sense dictates that it is time we stop the drama and take some concrete action before people make a hero of him. He is supposed to have said he cannot sleep because the moment he closes his eyes he can see all the victims of his heinous acts. Don’t know how much of it is the truth. Even if it is what does he expect. Will he feel like a saint after everything he has done. How much ever he pretends to be innocent, an aide to Ismail and mislead frustrated,poor youth, the fact remains. The fact that he is a cold-blooded murderer and nothing else.


3 thoughts on “Kasab confesses

  1. wonder why they didn’t shoot him at sight, considering no information came out of him. Pakistan of course disowned him, so much noise about giving sentence to someone who killed so many innocent people…and just wait, the day his death sentence is announced, which will take another few years, there will be another debate on capital punishment.

  2. Imagine the frustration of someone like me who could have been caught in the crossfire that fateful night! When will we start punishing the guilty??

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