The Question Behind the Question

I knew of a phrase called as ‘reading between the lines’ which means “To perceive or detect an obscure or unexpressed meaning”. But there are people who might take it to a different level. This morning I met a lady in the train who asked me “Yeh Train Bandra pe rukegi kya? “(Does the train stop at Bandra Station?).ย  Like a very good and helpful citizen I gave her even the smallest details. After all the story she did not get down at Bandra. I gave her a surprised look to which she replied “Mujhe Dadar Utarna hai. Lekin Bandra usse pehle aata hai is liye poocha”(I want to get down at Dadar but because Bandra comes before Dadar So I asked about Bandra) ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

She could have said “Please inform me when the train reaches Dadar station”, “How long does it take to reach dadar” or any damn sentence with a mention of Dadar. How are people expected to understand the question behind the question? I felt like a fool having wasted my precious morning time giving out useless information.ย  And if I were not to get down at dadar for office, I would have made her sit in the compartment and given her the details of all the stations from Borivali to Dadar, even in the opposite direction!!! (because they all come before Dadar) . Can’t think of any better answer to her question.


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