Swine Flu Scare

Everybody loves talking about the hype that media creates for issues not very significant. The recent one being Swine Flu. So obviously most of them feel it need not be heeded. Just another piece of news. Everybody is wearing a mask for protection(atleast in Mumbai and Pune). It is the other thing most of them are aware they do not help the uninfected ones. If a mask was all it required to stop the pandemic from spreading, it wouldn’t  have been a global issue by now.

Masked crowd are thronging Malls and other public places. The Swine flu threat is for real guys. Wake up. It has already resulted in casualty. What are people expecting? Probably they are waiting for some more numbers so that they can believe.

People need to understand. If the disease spreads we don’t have enough infrastructure and resources to diagnose let alone treat. There is no point in closing down schools,colleges and multiplexes if people continue do not co-operate.


2 thoughts on “Swine Flu Scare

  1. Do you really believe Swine Flu is that bad? I dont think so. It is highly hyped. Do you know that much more number of people die of Malaria and Cholera every year. Swine Flu on the contrary has consumed only a handful. If it was that deadly, it would have consumed many more lives by now.

    Consider this. Why was Swine Flu detected in only 1 or 2 of the students and not detected in other school going children where as the infected ones went to school with others at least for 2 days before being sick? Because it is viral infection and not bacterial. It doesn’t affect every one.

    The threat of course is that we dont have a anti viral drug in place as yet. And that whoever got contracted, very few have survived.

  2. @Mayur: You are right. More people die of Malaria and Cholera. But as pointed out by you the real treat is the new strain virus. We are yet to find out the vaccination for this. Also the drugs currently used are the anti-viral drugs which are already available in the market. When the virus is new, people have not been exposed to the virus before, their immune systems aren’t ready to fight it off, and more people become ill.

    To add to the complications,the virus seems to be mutating and more importantly spreads from human-to-human contact(imp considering the population density in Indian cities). Thus very difficult to conatin if it starts spreading. The condition is not that bad as of now but if it spreads the chances of things going out-of-control are very high. The same is not the case with other diseases like malaria and cholera, though they are equally scary.

    It might look like an impact on economy if multiplexes are closed for three days and people stay at home instead of visiting places. But imagine a scenario if 60-80% of the staff in an airport/school/Utilities like Electricity/factory get affected. How would you ensure everything is running smoothly. The impact on the economy would be huge. Even if the flu is cured and people come back to work the cost of absence itself will be huge. And the productivity will of course go down. This is apart from the casualty the flu might result into.

    Staying away from crowds is a bit like hedging in the financial markets. The goal is minimizing one’s exposure to unwanted risk if the odds are not in our favor. Of course if everything goes well then hedging reduces the profit but in an unfavorable situation it reduces the loss.

    The whole point of writing this post was that the schools and colleges are being closed for a reason. Let us not defy the purpose by not doing our part in prevention of a large-scale epidemic.

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