What a waste!!!

There was one story that our physics sir at school would love to narrate.

There was this waterfall in Mysore and everybody admired it. Poets wrote pages on the beauty of the Kaveri river. But there was one man who saw it and exclaimed “What a waste!!!”  That was Sir. M Visvesvaraya. He said that because he saw the potential hydro energy being wasted and untapped.

He went on to become the chief Engineer of the Krishna Raja Sagar(KRS) dam, Mysore built in  1924. This dam remains an engineering marvel and one of the popular tourist attractions till date. It was the first dam to be built with ‘surkhi’  a mixture of limestone and brick powder instead of cement. He built many dams later which are still functional.

He also honoured with the Bharat Ratna for his contributions. It happens to be his birthday today(the 15th of September) that we celebrate as “Engineers Day” as a tribute to the engineering wizard.

Let us hope he inspires lot more engineers to acheive greater heights and come up with more viable and cost-effective solutions for the problems of the real world.

Happy Engineers Day!!! to all the engineers out there…

4 thoughts on “What a waste!!!

  1. Hi Sapna,
    Sir. M Visvesvaraya is still very lucky for people commemorating him on this auspicious day celebrated at “THE ENGINEERS DAY”

    But there isnt a single day in our calander to commemorate the innitiative, decication & efforts taken to be the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize who dedicated most of his life for scientific research……yes i am referring to Dr. CV Raman ……he was the first `non-white,’ Asian and Indian to receive the Nobel in physics for his work on scattering of light and discovery of the Raman effect.

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  3. I love Mokshagundam Visweswarayya. He stood an inspiration for me when I was at my college. There are many interesting stories around his works and ideals.

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