De Dana dan movie review

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De Dana Dhan is a laughter riot. Truly a Priyadarshan movie. Ultimate Confusion has been created.  I wonder how Priyadrashan conceives such ideas. Anybody would get lost in such a plot. Unlike other Priyadarshan movies which end in confusion, this one starts with confusion.

I wouldn’t delve into the story because there is no story. It is a mindless comedy. You gotta leave your brains at home before you watching this one. But what makes it worth watching is that it makes you laugh. I esp. liked the scene when Tinu Anand crashes into the mirror to catch Akshay.  All the performances are good. Amazing cast and performances. Neha Dhupia requires a special mention. The movie has its put offs though. Demeaning language like Chi***l and kutte ki pilli and of course at times you find characters plain noisy. But there is enough comedy to compensate these.
It is a very light-hearted refrshing movie and you’ll love it. Go watch it !!!

3 thoughts on “De Dana dan movie review

  1. And, again, just like books, I am away from movies too. I don’t really watch them much, at least not after 2006. 🙂 So your reviews are appreciated, because you can review well! 🙂

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