Ek cutting Chai

Undoubtedly, Tea has been the favorite beverage of India. The ads featuring Zakir Hussain saying Wah Taj! are still fresh in my mind. Taaza ki taazgi, Red Label ke antioxidants, Society, Tata Tea Jaago Re. There is also a tea and coffee exhibition going on in Mumbai. Tea is a great refresher. Like so many others I am also an addict. I drink tea at least twice( that is only the lower limit) everyday. No matter what the conflicting researches worldwide have to say.

Mom-made tea @5:30 am before going to the tuitions. And then “ek cutting chai” reminds us of the days in college and all the late night preparations for the exams. All the days esp.evenings in rainy season and chilly winters when we sat in the balcony and sipped hot tea. Empire ki adrak wali chai(This one is near my office). Wow so many hot…sorry I mean warm memories. Tea breaks are an essential part of our routine. It is a common Indian habit to wash down our lunch/dinner/snacks or whatever we eat with tea.

But the last couple of times I asked for a tea after lunch in some of the popular joints near our office, the answer was either “We don’t serve tea or not at this time ” 😦 Some waiters looked at me as if I was an alien who just landed on earth. They offered me a range of other drinks from Coke, Pepsi, Red Bull 😯 to Flavored milk. But all that I wanted was plain, simple tea. 😡 The reason why they don’t offer tea is simple “Nobody orders for tea at this time”. WT…. I am not against Pepsi or anything but have the people forgotten beverages like tea and coffee or is it that the hoteliers find it easier to offer frozen drinks as compared to the preparing and serving hot tea. All I know is I am launching the “Chai Bachao Andolan” now. I hope I am not creating storm in a tea-cup!!! 😉 .

7 thoughts on “Ek cutting Chai

  1. Chai is our ‘national drink’ ( what’s wrong with me, I am associating everything with the nation these days, Telengana aftereffects :))

    meri 11 baje wali chai, post lunch hr cuppa, the 4pm tea brk to wake me up and then at 6 for the extra energy… I can have tea thru the day!
    I actually love going to cha bars in Delhi for tea-tasting sessions.. will tk you for one when you visit

  2. yes i do agree with u…tea is the perfect break n excuse when ur tired of working continously… Actually i will be just waiting for the tea time.. ;)its the time where u can relax for few minutes…hmmm me too in ur chai bachao andolan 🙂

  3. @Pallavi: I’m waiting to visit Delhi now 😀

    @Rashmi: I hope you remember our chai breaks that extended all the way till dinner time 😀

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