Sayonara :)

It is time to say good bye to the city in which I lived, loved and loved to live. When I came to this city it was not entirely by choice and I have had my fair share of struggle settling down in the city. An unknown metro city, no friends, no relatives , no acquaintances — not an easy journey. Add to it the the crowd, traffic, pollution and noise. I was convinced this is ‘THE HELL’. 😡

But as it is said nobody is immune to the charms of the ‘Maya Nagari’, it turned out that I was no exception. As time passed I found my sanity in the Mumbai Madness and very soon the city became my very own. Contrary to the popular belief that the Mumbaikars are too busy to help anybody, the people, the cabbies, rickshawallh all were very helpful.

I got a good place to stay, found a bunch of great friends, got used to local trains and life was different. Now I can look back and say “Those were the best days of my life”. I have had my moments from getting autograph from The Big B to getting caught by the TC in spite of having a pass( It was just the first time and I got the pass issued from CST instead of Churchgate ) 😮 . I have seen most shades of the city, in all the seasons from amazing events like Mumbai Marathon to the fateful 26/11. A lot of things about Mumbai have left an indelible mark in my memory. Listing just a few things I will miss about the city:

  • The Indomitable spirit and the Bindaas attitude
  • Road side Pani-puri
  • Evening stroll on Marine drive
  • Visits to the Queen of suburbs- Bandra: Bandstand, hill road, linking road
  • Sunday trips to Churchgate and Colaba, Chowpatty
  • Bandra-Worli Sea Link
  • The Late night outings ( not all cities are as safe as Mumbai)
  • A very Convinient public transport system esp. local trains
  • Phoenix Mall and all the innumerable malls that I frequented
  • Pastries from Shrinathji, palak sabji from Greens…
  • Getting out alive and unhurt from a Virar fast 😀
  • The fervour during Ganapati festival esp. Lalbaugcharaja
  • Visits to National park and Kanheri caves

and the list goes on….

But this list wouldn’t have been possible if it was not for my friends out here. That includes my lovely roomies, my colleagues (who were more of friends than colleagues), my Kannada group and all the other friends whom I met during my journey.

Merci Beaucoup Everybody!!!

I am moving to Namma Bengaluru from Amchi Mumbai. Embarking on a new journey with a loads of memories and lessons learnt. Hoping to come back some time and never go out of touch with all you wonderful guys out there. 🙂

23 thoughts on “Sayonara :)

  1. Very well described. THe many ‘charms’ of maya nagri! da Virar local thing is very true indeed. Getting into it(And outa it!) reminds us that there actually is a ‘struggle for existance’!

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