Search Quest

I am back may be for the nth time 😛 At the cost of losing my readers though 😦

One of my initials posts(when Bing had just launched) included a poll: Google or Bing (in which very few people participated 😦 ) . But the answer was obvious: It was google all the way. No competition!!!

Today I happened to open Bing after a long time coz I was unable to find something on Google. I always loved the unique collection of background photos on Bing. The square boxes that redirect to some interetsing piece of news was a surprise for me. I loved the feature and the search engine inspite of it being from Microsoft 😛 . And to my joy also found the page I struggled to find on Google. I went ahead and added bing to my favorites bar.

For first use of the new shortcut, I decided to open Bing for my daily dose of news and Google news appears second in the list wheras it appears third in Google!!! Go ahead and bing for the info ( Oh I almost forgot yahoo is also a search engine. Do any of you use Yahoo for searching?)


12 thoughts on “Search Quest

  1. and you are back !!!

    for moi its google all the way even when the bing page does open I feel oh! where is my google and i am bk to it.

    as for yahoo… I guess its a forgotten story now

    PS: we need to see you more often Sappy

    • I am back after a long hiatus and this time hopefully will be able to resume blogging like earlier times 🙂

      Yeah true. It is this feeling “Where is my google” , the familiarity that brings the users back to Google. Though the results aren’t significantly different. This can be validated by the fact that still live and msn search get more traffic as compared to Bing though they are all essentially the same.

      The fact that most people don’t trust Microsoft only makes things bad for bing.

      For me personally there have been instances when I haven’t found relevant pages on Google but have found them on Bing. But anyway I am more happy with the competition than a monopoly. Let innovation flourish and make search a better experience.

  2. Interesting post. Will try bing next on your recommendation. Glad to have you back and do update the post regularly. Don’t leave us poor readers parched of good posts.

    • Thanks Patty. I sure will be back with some better posts.
      But I am afraid neither Google nor Bing help much while delving into the depths of your minds 😉

  3. Yeah I agree with you. Google is the home page for billions..
    But, even in slow internet connections, bing opens within half a second while Google doesn’t.

    It sure takes time….but I think “SHIFT HAPPENS…”

  4. I think Google has become a generic term for internet searches.

    By the way, welcome back Sapna. And I forgot to tag you for the guest post. I have done it now 🙂

  5. Hahahaha…. way back in 2006, I think, i did my project for my dad’s laptop and built a tool for him on search engines. Yahoo was quite good then, at least a few searches like date of birth’s, stock prices, etc… were fine.

    Now, i don’t even touch yahoo! Silly ads all around! Bing!? I always celebrate google. I use Bing sometimes for image search. It fetches apt stuff out.

    • You built a tool on search engines for your Dad’s laptop. Nice!

      Yeah true sometimes Bing dishes out better results than Google. But then out of habit I always end up searching on Google .

      • Yup! My dad once asked me to search on many search engines with single click. So, i designed it for him.. when I was in my college.. hahaha… 😀 now, even I don’t even use it! 🙂

        Many use ONLY Google. 🙂

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