Yet another Dilbert!

Yeah right yet another dilbert but this time it is not one of his cartoons but his words of wisdom ( 😉 I call them so ) by Scott Adams

I do not agree or disgree with any of these, I simply am putting some of the witty lines together

  • If you spend all of your time arguing with ppl who are nuts, you’ll be exhausted and nuts will still be nuts. That’s why you should learn to agree with ppl who are nuts, e.g., your boss.
  • If u were the proprietor of the Pocket Lint Museum in California, and you wanted to tout ur popularity, you wouldn’t say, “Visited by over three people per year and they only stopped to ask directions!” :mrgreen:
    You would replace the small number three with a much larger number 12 million, as in “Located in a state with over 12 million tourist per year!”
  • Boredom can’t kill you, but you might wish it could
  • Technically, theory is not a theory untill someone tries to explain why it works.
  • When you say “its a established fact”, no one really checks to see if it really is.
  • There are two types of women: the ones who are currently in discomfort, and the ones who are actively seeking it.

Hope you enjoyed reading them.

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