There ain’t no free lunch

I just started reading this book by a very popular dietician and she mentioned how people get shocked when she says “Dieting is not starvation”. People don’t believe you can become size zero if you eat right. They take it with a pinch of salt when you say eat and be healthy but believe all the ads which promise guaranteed weight loss, herbal and non herbal food supplements and go for all types of fad diets and boot camps without a second thought and considering the effects during and after the course. Why does this happen? Here is my take

1. Truth is simple  – people don’t like to believe truth is that simple. It looks good when it is packaged as a complex philosophy

2. People want free lunch – well not in the literal sense! People like it when they don’t have to pay for something. (No wonder the oldest marketing startegy of giving away freebies is still very popular and relevant). People like to believe that you can become thin without any exercise and you still get to eat whatever you wish to eat in all the quantities you wish by just popping some pills or going through a 1-2 hr sitting every week.

There ain’t no free lunch is a very old adage (cliched but true). You always end up paying for everything in some or the other kind. Though you don’t realise it all the time. Paying money is probably the cheapest price. The other costlier forms are when people pay with their health, pay with their confidence levels, pay with their self respect, pay by sacrificing their relationships and the like. The low cal, low carb, low fat foods sell because people want to eat lots and still not put on weight. Tell them moderation is the key and they won’t believe you. Tell them about compensation diet- over eat one day and compensate for it by not eating the next day. They will take your advice. Simply because they like to indulge. They like to believe there is some magic potion or a miracle drug that will undo all the abuse you have done to your body. Treating it well does not seem to be an option!!!

Till people realise such simple truths in life (if ever they do), all the fad diet and get thin, get well industries continue to flourish and make money. People falling prey for all these treatments will continue to lose money and learn their lessons the hard way.


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