Getting Dreamy

Prateek aka Patty is my friend from Blogosphere. It is really sweet of him to have taken out time for writing a review for my blog’s first anniversary. A very prolific writer himself, he finds time to read and comment on all the blogs he follows. He is always there for his friends. Apart from this he is a nature lover and also a animal lover. You can find out more abt him on Here is the review

It is a year now since Sapna started dreaming online. What can I say about this blog? One of the best in the World Wide Web if you ask me. Agreed that we have to sometimes wait for the update, but each new post is worth the wait.

Her initial posts were dedicated to computers and IT. Ya, ya….that is what you expect when an IT professional starts blogging. But later on she added different styles and wrote on a variety of topics. What makes this blog interesting is the fact that the author knows what she is talking about and weaves the words in ways that catches your attention.

From latest technical knowledge to social issues, the blog has something for everyone. Sappy has even written a love story once. Personally my favourite posts on her blog have been the ones in which she talks about her experiences eg The Ghostly Affair, which are not only a good read but also have a touch of comedy.

Her posts that analyse things are also worth reading. Be it posts on 24×7 news channels, reality shows, controversial topics, social issues or the latest one on diets. She knows what she is talking about and after reading her posts you know you are not dealing with an average person, but one with a very high intellectual level.

A very charming lady, whom I hope to meet this month for the first time, during my visit to Bangalore. A very happy anniversary, Sappy. Keep blogging, we have been and will always wait for your posts.



3 thoughts on “Getting Dreamy

  1. Wishing you a happy first anniversary to blogging.

    It looks like prateek has pretty much summed up almost everything about your passion to blog and style of writing.

    Its nice to see different aspects of your thoughts expressed out here for all of us to read.(Especially people like me who don’t make much of an effort to keep in touch). 🙂

    I am not much of a writer, but i do like to read, so keep blogging. I can assure you that i shall atleast comment on them. 🙂

    Waiting for the next blog. Hope it comes out pretty soon.

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