Happy Birthday!!!



Happy Birthday to my dear blog!!! This happens to be my blog’s first anniversary. I started blogging on June 01, 2009. I know I have been very active of late but atleast I posted in May 2010 unlike May 2009 😛 Bad joke, I know but I hope my readers stay and my blog will see many more such anniversaries 🙂

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!!!

  1. One year of blogging and almost one year to new friendships… Isn’t this great reason for all of us to celebrate…. Keeping rocking Sapna.. we wait for your new posts in our inbox

    • yes one year of blogging and more than a year to new friendships 🙂

      I am glad I started blogging else I wouldn’t have known and stayed in touch with all you wonderful people.

      PS: Very soon it will be my turn for wishing you on your blog’s first birthday. I am waiting for that special post from you 😀

      • honestly, I have no idea how to put up the celebrations.. lets see,. patty has done a review of my blog just like he did for Mayur’s- wil put that up..

        baki koi idea hai toh dena..

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