Paul strikes again

FIFA is no doubt an event talked about throughout the world but Paul, the psychic Octopus has been hogging no less limelight . Its prediction came true again with the Spain winning today’s match against Germany.

Paul the Octopus is a common octopus who lives in the Sea Life public aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany. And has been making news for its ability to predict the football matches played by German team.  Two clear plastic boxes containing food are lowered down into the aquarium’s tank. The boxes have the flags of two countries attached to them, one of Germany, and one of their next opponent. The container selected by the octopus is assumed to be the predicted winner.

With this recent prediction, Paul scores stand at a perfect 100% in FIFA 2010. And he is no less than a celebrity now.  Lets see if his celebrity status goes to his head 😉 And for the rest non-celebrities (like us) we are happy watching the matches and waiting for the outcome ( As if we have an option) 😛

5 thoughts on “Paul strikes again

  1. @Madhav: Yeah. I too had voted for Spain on your blog poll. And we are right and so is Paul 😀

    @snowleopard: Why only Germans? There are loads of others after his blood.

    PS: Paul calls it quits to the prediction business with the FIFA 2010. Also he retires with his own world cup to his credit as a reward 😛

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