Mea Culpa

I was tagged by Pallavi and had it been anybody else I would have simply not bothered doing this. But now that I am at it lets start the confession time….

  • I am a totally unpredictable person. Much like Indian monsoons…
  • I am really clumsy: I still remember the day I knocked down an entire shelf of products from a shop. I was there for the opening ceremony of the shop 😳
  • I am an unabashed gourmet – a true Sagittarian 😀 Given a chance I will declare dieting a punishable offence.
  • I am also an incorrigible optimist
  • I like to crib a lot. People say it a coping mechanism and I like to believe that. Only thing better than cribbing is girly gossip 😉 I do also have the patience to listen when my friends crib
  • I keep looking at my mobile every now and then as if I am expecting a call or message even when it is switched off  😳
  • While my friends like to window shop in front of designer shops I keep roaming around in Croma
  • I simply love to sleep so much that I could be a certified professional sleeper and I can sleep at the drop of a hat. My roomie can vouch for that 😀
  • One thing I want to do before I die – skydive
  • I am a lazy sloth. Given a chance I would love to just eat and sleep

Oops I ended up saying more than I intended to say. Am stopping at that.  Now my turn to tag people. Most of my blog friends and acquaintances are already tagged or have already confessed. Here are the others :

  • Vijay – Are you still alive?
  • Saumya – I know I am taking liberty here but just taking this as an opportunity to know you.
  • Chetan – Its time you tell the world abt urself

Right now I can’t think of anybody who hasn’t been tagged yet. But will add to the list later. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Mea Culpa

  1. I can vouch for your sleeping syndrome. Many times you have slept while we were chatting on the phone. Leaving me wondering whether I am that boring a person.
    I didn’t find you unpredictable
    Yes, you are clumsy and it was on display during the two days we roamed the streets of Bangalore. 😛
    You are an optimist and you like to crib. Now thats a contradiction.
    And yes you do keep looking at your mobile.

    P.S. I know a good way to kill you now. I willl just cut the parachute rope when you go skydiving.

    P.S.S. Whats the fun element in “Girly Gossips”? Actually whats the fun in normal gossips?

  2. Are we talking abour laziness? Lethargy is one of my all time fav. words.. I know where you coming from here.. high-five!

  3. “I keep looking at my mobile every now and then as if I am expecting a call or message even when it is switched off”

    I was also too much addicted to mobile and SMS in the last year of my engineering.. now cellphone is changed and its very tough to type so… no more messaging now a days.

    • Thats nice to hear. 🙂 Not that I keep making/ receiving calls/messages. I simply need it to be there all the time with me.

      P.S: BTW which is your new cell. Looks like it has a very important feature that other cellphones lack 😉

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