Engineer – The Skilled One

“You can be a Doctor and save lives… You can be a Lawyer and defend lives… You can be a Soldier and protect lives… But why to play with others life??? So we simply became an engineer to screw up our own life.” 😀

This was my friends facebook status today as it is “Engineers Day” i.e Sir M. Visweshwariah’s Birthday. Last year I had also written a post about the same. Engineer developed from the Latin root ingeniosus, meaning “skilled”. An engineer is thus a clever, practical, problem solver. The spelling of engineer was later influenced by back-formation from engine.However, the term later evolved to include all fields where the skills of application of the scientific method are used. Hence Engineers are supposed to be flag bearers of change, of impacting lives and making them simpler everyday.

Interesting today also happens to be “The Lehman Day”. This day Lehman brothers filed for bankruptcy (Sept 15, 2008). Also changing lives by the day or should I say overnight. The world woke up on the Monday morning to this shocking news none expected. And repercussions felt throughout the world.

And even more interestingly just two days back Sept.13 SENSEX crossed 19000 points, reassuring and rebuilding our hopes. We still haven’t emerged fully from the economic crisis but have learnt some valuable lessons which hopefully would not be forgotten soon.

Happy Engineer’s Day!!!

PS: This post was for 15th Sept. but due to the delay in posting, it is going live on Sept.16

7 thoughts on “Engineer – The Skilled One

  1. Ahhhh….you CS and IT people just keep telling yourself that you are also engineers. 😛 But the truth is the classic engineering branches are only three. 😉

    A belated happy E Day to you too 🙂

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