Anjaana Anjaani, Marley & Me – movie review

Marley & Me (film)

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Anjaani Anjaani is a story about two strangers Kiara and Akash who meet at a bridge while both are attempting suicide. But fail at the attempt only to meet later. They decide to do it together and make a pact to do it on 31st Dec. And in the meanwhile they could do all the “Things to do before you die” from their wish-list and like you would have guessed they later fall in love, decide to give life a chance and get married and stay happily ever after. Oops! have I given out the ending. Doesn’t matter you would have known it anyway. That exactly is the problem with the movie. i.e The Script. Great locations, great costumes, great cast but no soul… And the fact that music is unforgettable goes without saying. We were waiting for the movie to get over.

What’s up with Bollywood movies these days. With their kind of budget and cast they can work wonders. Esp. these days since the audience are so much more open to experimentation. Looks like my wait for a good Bollywood movie is not getting over soon. So here I am taking an oath on my blog to not watch any more Bollywood movies in Multiplex that too on weekends. Hard way to learn “paise ped pe nahi ugte” 😦

I thought my lappy would come to my rescue and digged into my collection of movies and there was this movie “Marley and Me”. Wasn’t very keen on watching it coz it was about a dog. I am not too fond of them (And that does not mean I hate them ). In fact I don’t understand why people hate it when you call their dog a dog when in fact it is a “DOG”!!! Thought I’d watch it anyway and delete. At least that would create some space on my disk. Little did I know the movie could make me cry…

It looks so natural you feel it is actually happening right there in front of your eyes. Watching it is takes you to a different world, the one in the movie. Owen Wilson(John Grogen) and Jennifer Aniston(Jennifer Grogen) are amazing. In an attempt to keep Jennifer occupied and to delay her plans for babies, John plans to bring home a puppy. They pick this “clearance puppy”(Marley) and there starts the story. And what an amazing story….My saving grace for the day was “Marley & Me”.   Watch it to know more

5 thoughts on “Anjaana Anjaani, Marley & Me – movie review

  1. The recent Hindi movies have all been craps. And what is with the exotic locations and names? There are so many places in India but no, people like Karan Johar think India lives in Australia and America.

    Will check out the flick “Marley and Me” But did I read correctly that you are not fond of dogs? That is blasphemy.

    • Hmmm agree on the hindi movie part. In fact I can name most European and American tourist places without having visited any of them. Thanks to the Bollywood movies.

      India doesn’t live in America and Australia but I guess people definitely like to see these places 🙂 And this has been so overused in the Indian movies that now it has lost its charm.

      “blasphemy”!!!! – Exactly to avoid such comments I have the disclaimer
      “I am not too fond of them (And that does not mean I hate them )”. It is just that I am not as fond as so many other people, who have their albums full of dog pics and when you visit them they can’t stop speaking about their dogs/cats and keep showing their photos/videos. Whose dog chews your new footwear and throws one from the pair into some unreachable area and you are expected to not react…

      Hope you got the point.

  2. Not sure of the movie, but as always, your review is good enough with an advice backed. Haha..

    I am really really of the big screen.

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