Joy of Empty Roads

Today people seem to have deserted the Bangalore roads and happily drove away to their natives. I  love the empty roads. There is a sense of freedom which is simply awesome not to forget the lesser pollution and the decreased decibel levels. You can drive as fast or as slow as you wish. You don’t waste time in the traffic 😀 No blaring horns. I wish the roads were like  this everyday. sigh… The only problem is when you have a flat tyre and you don’t have a spare one 😛





8 thoughts on “Joy of Empty Roads

  1. hahaha….. empty roads in Bengaluru? I haven’t seen so far, at least not in any of my 10 visits. Lucky you! Haha… But, I love to drive at nights when roads are really empty! We get to test our bikes condition and make it run like a Horse, give it some relief from clutch-brake bullock-cart movements due to traffic! 🙂

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