My First Interview

This is my first Interview to be published online, or should I say “Coffee  with Mayur” 😉 . Hope you guys like reading it. Waiting for your comments 🙂

8 thoughts on “My First Interview

  1. Way to go Sapna – it was nice seeing you, and surprisingly, reading your posts I had envisioned you as the person with a smiling face – believe it or not, it was the exact smile I had imagined!

    • Hey Saumya Good to see your comment here 🙂

      I am glad u had imagined me like that!

      Btw I am waiting to see you too. The person behind those witty posts that I can keep coming to. And from the comments on your latest posts, You are juggling quite a few things and still manage to churn out such wonderful posts. I am all the more impressed now.

  2. Well….now, what if there is a disconnect between the writer and the image 🙂 Just kidding – one day, I’ll put up my picture – though there is a vague one in one of the posts – I am the one wearing the bright blue salwar. ( LinkedIn and Slur motion photography)

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