Tag Time Again-If-then-Tag

This is again one of my long due posts. I was tagged on Harshad’s blog for the If-Then-Tag somewhere in the end of November last year. A lethargic me took this long to take up the tag. Not sure if I am complying with the format but here is the list from all that I could remember :

  • If I were a colour then I would be Red and Black – For some reason it is one of my all time favorites
  • If I were a drink(apart from water) I would be Salt Lime soda – it is totally refreshing
  • If I were a season then I would be spring – Marks the end of dry cold winter and brings back the sun
  • If I were a Mobile set then I would be Sony Ericsson W series – I adore thee
  • If I were a Fruit then I would be – it has to be  the king of fruits – Mango
  • If I were a Tree then I would be Bougainvillea tree – I grew up in the shades of these trees
  • If I were an animal then I would be a Lion – Nothing beats the King of the Jungle. I just love the majesty
  • If I were a Time of the Day then I would be Morning – I am very much of a morning person
  • If I were a sport then I would be Tennis – Just like that
  • If I were a planet then I would be Earth with all the life forms
  • If I were a Month then I would be December – For one I was born in this month and two it is a month of holidays, celebrations and reminiscence
  • If I were a Day of the week  then I would be Love to be the TGIF Fridays
  • If I were an Element then I would be Fire – I am a Saggi remember!!!
  • If I were a Stone then I would be a Coral or Pearl (love both of them)
  • If I were a musical instrument then I would be the Guitar – For giving out the liveliest of the music
  • If I were an emotion then I would be Laughter – The Best medicine
  • If I were a sound then I would be the sound of cool breeze blowing
  • If I were a Name then I would be Ukume – it means sound of rain on river
  • If I were a Food then I would be… Hmm this one is tough to decide…Lets see.. ok it is my Mom’s Roti and Dal with Methi and Red chilli chutney in ghee
  • If I were a scent then I would be the scent of earth after the first rain drops
  • If I were a Bird then I would be sparrow – They are simply cute and adorable

Phew! That was pretty long. Hope u enjoy reading it. My turn to tag.

Patty, Pallavi, Mayur, Amirtha…. And all the people who love to let your imagination run wild

10 thoughts on “Tag Time Again-If-then-Tag

    • Ah! I had missed out reading that one. Wonder how :S Whenever I login I check your blog first before any other. Anyway did read it now. Nice answers 🙂

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  2. Hahaha…. Your choices and answers are inspiring and enviable. 🙂 Take it easy!

    I loved this one – “If I were a Name then I would be Ukume – it means sound of rain on river”

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