Airtel – the worst you can get

Airtel is the undoubtedly the worst you can get. They deduct money from your account for no reason. when you call up the help line they give lame reasons like you have subscribed to jobs, love,cricket and hundred other things they have in their list.They are expensive compared to the others. They send you a mail thank you for subscribing to E-bill when you have no freaking clue when you did that. And suddenly stop sending the hard copy of the bill. Their Website says “Sorry! your request cannot be processed now. Please try later” for any transaction that you try. The contact us tab on the site does not have a e-mail address to write to.

And the icing on the cake is their help line is not toll free so every time you hear “please wait while our executives are busy on other calls”– you are paying for their time on the other calls… Now that is well… in colloquial terms “chindi“. A call center number that you have to pay for!!!

Good going Airtel – How the hell are you still surviving in the market with this standard of customer service???


12 thoughts on “Airtel – the worst you can get

  1. I second you on that one, I also happen to have airtel and one day I got a SMS – Now you’re subscribed to Radio Tunes? I was like what? wtf!

    Similar to you, a call to our needy help-line and what do I hear? Yes, sir … blah-blah!

    I only wish we all had skype and wifi throughout!

    • yeah. All are the same but Airtel is the worst of the lot. I have been using Vodafone and Reliance from a long time too. The frequency of occurrence of such things is much lesser. With Airtel it is a constant problem. We have a Docomo and Tata Indicom too but for none we face issues so frequently. Plus none of the others have a help line which is a paid service… 😐

  2. I have the worst experience with reliance and all its products. They become rich by looting people. Atleast the Anil’s group, I am not aware of Mukesh group!

  3. send a link of this post to the Airtel corp comm dept.. I am telling you, you will get free all life talk time 😉

    Airtel sucks.. they blocked my connection when I was in Pune becoz some papers had to be submitted.

  4. And I’m using Vodafone for more than 5 years (since it was Hutch). I’ve recieved many pains (of balance deductions) but still going on with it because it is better than all of the operators. Strong Network, Good GPRS speed etc., however It is as costly as Airtel. But doesn’t matter. From its GPRS, I can blog in Desktop Version from my cell.

  5. Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, Idea, etc.. etc… all of them follow the same funda. Then or even now, it is the same. As you said, Airtel is the worst of them.

    But all of them have very cool ads. I love them! Hahah.. 😀

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