Getting on the ABC Bandwagon

I am getting on the ABC Bandwagon too. Hoping to complete the challenge. The Challenge already started with A on Jan 18. So I will start with B the coming Wednesday. Just for the sake of completion writing a post on A( I don’t like it when I miss the start, be a movie or a challenge…). So let’s see My Alpha post starting with A would be on the quote by the great Indian saint Swami Vivekanand – “Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is reached”. It was meant to be an inspiration for the youth and truly it is. The message inspires us to have a goal. Something that inspires us and something that one is passionate about. Arise – Get up and start doing something about it. Awake – Evaluate where you stand, and where you need to go next. Stop not till your goal is reached – Be determined and focus on what you want to achieve till you achieve it.

ABC Wednesdays Round 8

ABC Wednesdays Round 8

As an aside, once one of our college profs passed a sheet of paper in the class and asked all of us to write this line and sign in front of it. Only after the sheet got filled he told us that he felt that we were not doing enough for our campus placements. He wanted us to take it more seriously and hence gave us a wake up call with the message. I thought it was cool. Nice way to remind people to stay focussed.

For all who want to be part of this too. The link is here


13 thoughts on “Getting on the ABC Bandwagon

  1. Welcome aboard ABC Wednesday – easy letters to kick off with and then we get the challenges of X and Z! But…we get lots of creative posts and we look forward to reading yours next week.

    Thanks again
    ABC Team

  2. Welcome to the fun of ABC Wednesday! As Mrs. N said, some letters are easier than others, but don’t fuss about them yet.
    Thank you for a wonderful quote from Swami Vivekenanda, a great way to start each day.
    I am curious about the painting in your masthead. It replicates a scene in my neighborhood.

    • Thanks 🙂 This is a very nice concept. This way we have an idea for a post every week.

      Swami Vivekananda was a saint who lived during the period 1863–1902. But his teachings still continue to inspire people as much or probably more than they did before.

      Do you stay in a neighborhood with that scenery? Great to know in this world of concrete jungle you are staying in such a scenic place. I am jealous!

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