Saat Khoon Maaf -Movie Review




Saat Khoon Maaf is a Vishal Bharadwaj movie based on Ruskin Bond’s “Susanna’s Seven Husbands” . A dark-comedy about Susanna and how she kills her seven husbands. The beautiful, confident and zesty Susanne loses Mom and Dad early in life and hence their love. Later she is married to Maj. Rodrigues, her Dad’s choice. The perfect Indian husband boring, possessive, insecure. Her search for true love starts there and never ends. In the first half of the movie you sympathize with Susanna  for her choice of husbands but in the second half her irritability reaches a new high. Each of the husbands seem to have a despicable  flaw that she seems to grow weary of and decides to put an end to it. Some of the dialogues are worth remembering like “Miss Saheb apna Raasta nahi badlti, kutto ka khopdi udati hai”. In one of the scene during their wedding vows when they say “Till death do us apart” and you can’t help notice the wickedness.


Though you know what is going to happen next it still keeps you glued. The performances are all power-packed. Piggy Chops is all set to become the next Madhuri of the industry. Her acting and make up are both worth a mention. Neil’s character is damn convincing too. “Darling” – song is definitely the most beautiful part of the movie.  The music is good too. Only I would have preferred the ending presented in a better way. I know most people found the moving boring but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Dark is the new flavor of the season. Finally, one hindi movie I could write nice things about. Experimentation is a good thing not every experiment has to be huge success.


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