Google glitch affects Gmail

Are you one of those people who save your important data in gmail inbox? I am for sure one of them. The news that a bug in Google seems to have wiped out 1,50,000 gmail accounts came as a rude awakening to me. The affected users are able to see a welcome message just like they have opened a new account. All mails, chat logs and attachments are said to have been lost. Google claims it is just 0.08% of users, the number is still huge considering the number of Gmail users. Google engineers are still working on recovering the data.

Nobody is immune to disasters not even Google. While I haven’t been able to check out if I am one of them as there is no gmail access in office, I am wondering what do I do if I am one of them. At least for the unaffected ones here is a saviour. You can back up your mails to the hard disk to avoid such a mishap


6 thoughts on “Google glitch affects Gmail

  1. firsttttttttttttt 🙂

    hmmm now you got me worried , I have so many picutres files etc that are there .. thanks for the links i guess i will go and save all those on to a hard disk …

    • Ha ha, that is a nice catch. Plus for all you know your disk might crash or virus attack can erase all the data unless of course it is backed up 😉

      But right now trusting this app looks like a better option than loosing all the data. Or may be one more idea that I can think at the top of my head is to auto-forward all mails to one more account like yahoo or rediff. but again it requires the maintenance overhead….

      • To address first concern – use Linux 😛

        To address second concern – working on it..will get back soon 🙂

  2. Sapna,

    The sad part of this glitch is all their backups of users’ emails across various servers got wiped out. And even in future its highly probable that our email data is not secure. Resorting to alternative means like storing in hard disk has to be considered. As ‘tangyorangesour’ said using Linux can save us from viruses but hard disk crashing can still be uncontrolled. And these hard disks are not meant to last long, they are designed with certain working period.

    And, loved your “About me” – especially the line being ordinary is special and a common man is celebrated.

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