The earthquake with a magnitude of 8.9 had hit Japan 2:46 pm Tokyo time followed by nineteen aftershocks.Now it has caused a Tsunami and also many incidents of fire have been reported in Tokyo, one being in a nuclear plant and one in oil refinery. The largest recorded quake is said to have taken place in Chile on May 22, 1960, with a magnitude of 9.5. It has also caused power outage and some wall collapses, rattled buildings and strewn cars. But no major causalities are reported. Hope the people are safe. Praying for them.

According to the latest news 400 passengers of a high speed bullet and Cruise went missing. 200-300 Dead bodies have been found in North Japan. Another 88 people are confirmed killed and 346 people are missing.

Trouble in the Nuclear plant 170 miles northeast of Tokyo(no radiation leaked reported though). Millions of houses blacked out. It has been a SAD SAD day.

Now the Tsunami has hit Hawaiian coasts too.


Whirlpool at a port in Oarai, in the state of Ibaraki- Image courtesy:

This has been one of the biggest recorded earth quakes from the late 1800s not just in Japan but also the world reported The Times Of India. The nature’s fury just looks like apocalypse, a year before 2012.

update: Japan PM has declared a Nuclear emergency. News of damages in Miyagi continue to come.

The continued reports of explosions in Fukushima Daiichi plant near Tokyo taken over tremor concerns.

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  6. Imagine the magnitude of the earthquake – the entire country shifted by 8 feet!! As if that was not enough, look at the series of calamities that followed. And now a nuclear explosion looms in the horizon.

    Events such as these make you appreciate the everyday simple joys of life.

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