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The chaos theory states that a butterfly flapping its wings somewhere could create a hurricane half way across the world. I am posting about a few such butterflies who want to bring out a change in the world to save the world and avoid the chaos later on 🙂 . To make the world a greener and better place to live in and pass on to the future generations using the platform of Ek Titli. So here is straight from the horse’s mouth – what Ek titli is all about.

Ek Titli set out to achieve the possible. We all know it, have heard about it and even appreciated it but didn’t bother if we could contribute to it too! Ek Titli gives a platform to give wings to your ‘natural’ instinct.

We provide green solutions, mainly focused on converting chemical farms into organic ones, which, by the way, is something you can set up too in your garden or even terrace, only that it will be called a micro organic farm 🙂

You ask who ‘we’ are here. Well, we are a bunch of idiots who think they can change the world!

We also have a huge online dais that gives everyone an opportunity to talk Green & live greener. So if you have heard of a little birdie doing something appreciable for the green space, our online portal is where it should nest for a while. We spotlight the Green Do-Gooders, we love to associate with them.

We also like to read, write and talk about anything natural, organic and green! So the portal gives space to travelogues, photo features and even interviews with a green orientation.

For more details on what our portal entails, check out

Drop in a mail if this interests you, or to just say hello to the idiots. We will smile back, and it’s contagious 🙂

Hope this reaches at least a few of you through my blog(Thanks Pal for sharing the info). Remember the song ek suraj ,ek chanda, taare anek….?? Yes, ek dharti, ek life, ek mauka, we as titliyan anek can come together to make a difference. Are you a part of it?

6 thoughts on “Are you a titli – Ektitli

  1. In my final year, we started a Eco-Club in college. I’ve bookmarked it and will keep exploring it. I’ll pass that link on to our club, ‘Nisarga’. 🙂

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