Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara movie review



In this era of forgettable hindi movies ZNMD is a breath of fresh air. The cast, the locations, the adventures are amazing! It is not an experimental movie and in fact a very predictable one but that exactly is the challenge here. It is  worth watching in spite of it being so predictable.



One of the movies that lingers on even after you have come out of the theatre. After watching the movie you would want to do all of that: Visit Spain, go on a road trip, meet up with ur old frnds, do adventure sports, go to Spanish festivals, dance, have fun and well “seize the moment!”. It is a very cliched dialogue and kinda lost charm but nevertheless, the characters seem to be having fun and you would want to be a part of it. The trio Farhan Akhtar, Hrithik Roshan and Abhay Deol are irresistible. Katrina looks fab and so does Kalki. Music and dialogues are of course good too.

The movie is about conquering fear and living in the moment. What I could see while watching the movie was How beautiful Spain is, what a few days of vacation can do to your life, what is it to live life unburdened, what it is to meet up with old frnds and how good it is to have fun, how it feels to have met love unexpectedly, how good it feels to be silly and not worry what we did yesterday or how tomorrow is going to be.

The best part of the movie was the song “Senorita” where all the actors have sung the song themselves and the dialogues of Imran’s musings. It is a normal, typical hindi movie where all ends well and the characters have nothing to care about but to enjoy life, sing and dance. Totally worth my money bole toh paisa wasool. Thanks Zoya for such a refreshing movie !

11 thoughts on “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara movie review

  1. Oh really.. you have so much positive ot say about the movie , It did not impress many people though 🙂

    I will wait for someone to upload it so i can see it … dont like going ot cinema’s alone and none of my mates like hindi movies .. 🙂

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  3. Completely agree sapna.. a fresh n gud release after couple of yrs.. Enjoyed it.. and ur review on movie is outstanding..!! keep it up..

  4. I completely loved this movie! My best parts were with Hrithik finding touch with reality and slowing down to feel it though all his senses. Abhay’s character was entertaining, but he showed courage of getting out of a big decision which he feared deeply. Farhan’s character made me let go of life and motivated me to live life as it came at you, be it sweet or bitter. His “toh zinda ho tum” restores peace in my soul every time I listen to his voice reciting a message about life. Overall, it’s an awesome film which can be seen again. 🙂

  5. just stumbled across this post!

    This was an amazing movie, I loved every moment of it – even though it wasn’t subtitled there was enough English for me to understand what was going on. I watched it with my wifes family whislt staying in Noida. We all left the cinema with massive grins on our faces and the song ‘Senorita’ always gets me dancing!

    Spain is such a wonderful country and is beautifully portrayed in this movie.

    • Glad you enjoyed the movie. You should check out more of Bollywood whenever you get a chance. Trust me it’ll be fun 🙂

      Another movie where Spain is portrayed beautifully is “Vicky, Christina and Barcelona”. I have just fallen in love with the place. So much that it’s on my bucket list now.

      • I so love that movie (Vicky, Christina and Barcelona) such a cool movie.

        My wife and I are having a Bollywood weekend – we’re watching 3 Idiots, Don 1, Mere Brother ki Dulchan and Yuvvraaj – cannot wait!

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