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Happy Anna-dependence Day

 Amul has this art of coming up with print ads for every occasion. Something similar to the google doodles only that this one started much earlier.

They have done it yet again! Not commenting upon Anna’s lokpriyata but this one is our lokpriya butter for sure 😀

Annagiri, Singapore, Janlok Pal, Chaos, Mass Hysteria and the like

Ha finally! Though I refrained from posting on this topic for a long time, this one got the better of me. There is a post doing rounds on the FB page which reads

“In 1982, In Singapore, LOKPAL BILL was implemented and 142 Corrupt Ministers & Officers were arrested in one single day.. Today Singapore has only 1% poor people & no taxes are paid by the people to the government, 92% Literacy Rate, Better Medical Facilities, Cheaper Prices, 90% Money is white & Only 1% Unemployment exists..

Re Post this if you want to live in a corruption free country.. Spread this like FIRE..”

Wow!! all these people spreading fire. For Gods sake READ what you are posting. No taxes??? what goddamn country on earth (or even mars for that matter) does that? Has history any record of such a king, province, country?

And this from people who are on a quest to know the “TRUTH”. What is your definition of poor? From the official Singapore website the resident unemployment rate is 3.1%. And mind you the unemployment benefits in Singapore are very very low. To be poor is your own mistake in the state. Public welfare is looked down upon. And there is something called as demographics. Pls google it if you don’t understand what it means. And no single change can claim to get India into that league unless there is strong will in the top bureaucrats as well as the people.Neither seem to have that in India. (Pls shouting slogans and clicking on FB buttons does not count). There is something called as CPIB in Singapore though which fights against corruption. This comes under the charge of Singapore PM’s office. It was set up in 1952 and not 1982 and there is no record of 142 arrests in a single day.

Like every other Indian, I was glad too when I heard about this movement, Anna and the Janlok Pal Bill the first time. I did support the cause but as things progressed and I looked into details the mass hysteria just doesn’t make sense to me. With all due respects to Anna, your methods are undemocratic! We know the current government’s sad state and we want solutions and not a new road to chaos. We want to remove corruption and not “remove the current corrupt so that new ones can take on the reins of corruption”. I am not cynical here just trying to be pragmatic. I know no single solution/law/method can be perfect and that is exactly why I don’t want one single entity taking over and trying to solve all our problems.

Even for a moment I assume the bill is justified and the blackmailing is required to get the current government move its a$$ and get working in this case, I don’t know what else will become justified. If this is how things start getting done and this is the example we set we can’t even predict the results. It is going to be complete chaos. Lets have some method to our madness…

I want corruption removed too, want to contribute to society too and I believe living in a democratic country entitles me to voice my opinion. Not allowing dissenting voices is not just undemocratic, it is arrogance. Your intent is noble but pls understand that change will be gradual and needs to happen at all levels and many more steps need to be taken to get there. There is no magic wand that can do away the curse of corruption on our country. But we are all empowered to bring about that change. Lets use the power and use it judiciously…

Washington/British Columbia Trip

check out whole lot day 1-5. Amazing pics and places.

British Columbia is beautifully captured

Washington/British Columbia Trip - Day 5 Today was our lay low…chill at the house…do laundry…drink Pina Coladas and watch boat traffic day.   While walking on the beach at low tide, I was able to get within 50 feet from this eagle. The house is the one above the beach house on stilts. This was the sitting area below the house. Another wonderful day! … Read More

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