Amul ads rock

Happy Anna-dependence Day

 Amul has this art of coming up with print ads for every occasion. Something similar to the google doodles only that this one started much earlier.

They have done it yet again! Not commenting upon Anna’s lokpriyata but this one is our lokpriya butter for sure 😀

8 thoughts on “Amul ads rock

  1. I love amul ads! always creative and the butter is even better 🙂

    🙂 and well, i can understand why would you prefer racist banter 🙂 i love bangalore that’s my fav city but i do not appreciate un-necessary opinions about my people too…

    • 🙂 yeah the butter is any day better…

      Generalization is everywhere(yet another generalization :P). All I am saying is if you want to play with it at least be funny than hateful. .

      Well it is even better to respect and accept other people and cultures as they are. But that seems to be too much right now for the human kind(I refuse to accept it only as an India phenomenon). Let us at least have fun in the process then.

      For me, I am a great fan of good food and Music doesn’t matter what region it belongs to. Both idli sambhar and aloo paratha are my favs for breakfast!

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