Kapil Sibal is indeed an idiot

There is a Facebook link doing the rounds that says “I urge you to write KAPIL SIBAL IS AN IDIOT as your Facebook status message, use the hashtag #IdiotKapilSibal on Twitter, and write a blog post with the above title, because there may soon be a day when he may prevent you from doing so.”.

Kapil Sibal in a press conference. photo courtesy: http://demockcrazy.wordpress.com/

Kapil Sibal in a press conference. photo courtesy: http://demockcrazy.wordpress.com/

While there are some alleging that All the Congress leaders have been told to give foolish statements so that they can make Rahul Gandhi look good. 😛

Well, I have nothing against Congress or the Gandhi family. In fact when I see the posts regarding Sonia Gandhi not being born to her father or Indira Gandhi’s character is being assassinated, for me it only shows how cheap and narrow minded these individuals are, whoever posted that content. Really people – GROW UP. how does that matter to you? What should matter is the policies that they make and how they run the country?

But then politics is a race, how could Congress have been left behind. They made their move and have shown that they can be cheaper than those posting such offensive comment. They want to censor “user-generated” content from India and make a mockery of Indian democracy. They want to show us the lesser mortals our “Aukat”. But then do they not know that it is not possible. Ah! Is this yet another ploy to divert the public attention from issues that actually matter? May be. But either way – you lose.Harms your IMAGE in any case.
Times have changed. Please wake up. What worked 2-3 decades ago doesn’t work anymore. Find some new tricks. But then seasoned politicians that you are I am sure you will figure out ways. Anything to keep yourselves in power, right?

In the end, all political parties are the same. Everyone of these is working for their own welfare. FDI in retail sector is one classic example.

Here’s one rant that sums it up correctly.


5 thoughts on “Kapil Sibal is indeed an idiot

  1. The Gandhi Dynasty has always tended towards FASCISM & DICTATORSHIP – remember the EMERGENCY – and they have always surrounded themselves with spineless unprincipled sycophants like unSibal of ZERO 2G LOSS fame, and family retainers like Manmohan Singh, Ambika Soni, Digvijay Singh (remember one idiot minister saying ” Indira is India & India is Indira ” ) & now the assorted Babalog. We are being ruled by an Italian and a half Italian – & the world knows what a mess Italians have made of their own country.

    India’s economic parameters are in a downward spiral entirely of Sonia, Rahul & Manmohan Singh’s making due to their mindless spending & creation of entitlement programs while running a bankrupt exchequer. Criminally callous levels of inflation and complete inaction & misgovernance on all fronts. So much needs to be done for the economy on all fronts, yet Senior Minister unSibal has decided to devote his energies, like a modern day DON QUIXOTE – to tilt at the internet !!!!!! The sheer corruption, arrogance & stupidity of these diabolical bumbling idiots in Government takes my breath away.

  2. Hahahahahaha…. what you wrote to wake is agreed! no arguments!

    You just read the title of the post once, and again. Don’t you get motivated to laugh out loud? LOL!! 😀

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