twenty-ninth – the ekstra day!

Thirty days has September,
April, June, and November;
All the rest have thirty-one,
But February, which is fun:
With twenty-eight, it does just fine
‘Til Leap Year makes it twenty-nine!

Remember the rhyme?  Yeah, this is one such ‘Leap’ year and has 29 days in February. While I have always wondered what it is like to have your birthday on 29th, I didn’t know the day is so special. All the news channels and media are telling me that it’s an extra day. They have news coverage on all the 29 Feb ‘Babies’ and people are wondering what everybody is going to do with an Xxxtra day.

Back in the school days, somewhere in something like Science, we read the year actually consists of 365.25 days, so we have 365 days in a year and account for the .25 day by having 366 days in a year once every 4 years. What did the fools back then know it is celebration time. Look at the offers today. Isn’t it a miracle that we have an extra day. 😐

7 thoughts on “twenty-ninth – the ekstra day!

    • yup. It is just another day in most people’s lives but when I watched news in the morning, I was surprised, then I open the newspaper, even more surprised, I switch on the Internet and I am like ‘OMG! There is a second Valentine’s Day this Feb’

  1. no not a miracle I got to work an extra day..

    in ireland I think there is a tradition if a girl proposes to a guy on leap day he cant say NO 🙂 or maybe i just made it up he he hehe .. what would i know

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