Kashmir of the South – Coorg


Beautiful Coorg - taken at Tala-Kaveri temple

Kodagu or Coorg (as the British called it) also known as the ‘Scotland of India’ or ‘Kashmir of the South’ is one of most beautiful hill stations you can visit. Nestled among the lush greens of the Western Ghats, it is in Karnataka, about 260 kms from the capital city Bangalore. It is quite easily reachable.

Though a small area(about 4100 sq kms), the region boasts of a very distinct culture.  The Kodavas speak a different dialect of Kannada(called Kodava), have a unique dressing style found nowhere else in India, food habits are different, only Indian community with no dowry system, marriages performed by elders instead of Priests and so on. Coorg was one of the British favorites and was directly ruled by them till Indian Independence and was a separate province called Coorg Province till it was merged with State of Mysore in 1956 which later became the modern State of Karnataka. The region is well-known for Coffee plantations and the Brave-Warriors. Field Marshall K.M. Cariappa,  first Indian Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army who led the Indian forces on the Western Front during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1947, hails from here.


Coorgi style dressing

Of the very few places that I have traveled from the time I have come to Bangalore, Coorg is one of them. It has been a long time now but I didn’t feel like writing about it as it wasn’t exactly a nice trip. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong.  I even lost my new phone and my contacts and photos along with it. But the place is too beautiful to not visit or to visit and not share it with others. So here are a few pics from my friend’s camera and an account of places we visited.

We chose to stay in a home-stay instead of a hotel to get a feel of the place and it was pleasure being there. Our place was in the midst of a coffee-estate with a lake of it’s own(though we only got to see the small pond. It was raining and we couldn’t go near the bigger one) . A wonderful house with a very warm family as the hosts. It couldn’t get better.

With the hosts at home stay

With the hosts at home stay

One of the main tourist attractions in Coorg is the Abbey falls. And since we went at the end of July, we could see the falls in its full splendor.

The waterfall is inside a coffee estate and the small trail leading to it is beautiful too. The waterfall appears suddenly, giving you a feel that is you have discovered a hidden treasure and stand looking wide-eyed. There is also a hanging bridge right opposite to the waterfall and a Kali mandir at the other end of the bridge.

On the way to Abbey falls

On the way to Abbey falls

Abbey falls

Abbey falls

We made it a point to roam around the coffee estate and see the beautiful coffee plantations, small and big flowers of various kinds, the small pond inside it and the small red chilies growing in the backyard to come back to a sumptuous breakfast.

Inside the Coffee Estate

Inside the Coffee Estate

Another attraction in the city of Madikere(the capital of Coorg district), is the park called as the Raja seat. Along with one another park beside it, these parks are well-maintained with beautiful flowers and benches and  makes you want to stay there for a long time. The park gives a beautiful view of the paddy fields below and the mountains around.

Also, if you are planning to eat something, Madikeri is the place. Elsewhere you will keep driving for hours to only see green trees around you. Also, if you want to buy anything, the place is famous for honey, spices  and coffee. Few of my experimental friends also tried home-made oil for hair and other such things. I stuck to the traditional options.

View from Raja Seat

View from Raja Seat

Guess this is enough for one post. Will post more pics from Coorg in another part-2.
Anytime you get a chance do visit the place 🙂



22 thoughts on “Kashmir of the South – Coorg

  1. looks beautiful, I have not had much luck with going around the south of india although I have vistied bigger cities all over the country.

    Maybe next time i am in bangalore which seems to be quiet soon for a periond of 6 months , I will get a chance to see this side tooo…

    Looking forward to more pictures …

  2. I visited Madikeri last December. One of the favourite places I’ve visited. It’s almost exactly like my ancestral town back in Kerala. I didn’t know it was called ‘Kashmir of the South’. I will be visiting the actual Kashmir soon, so after that I can say I’ve visited Kashmir of the South and Kashmir of the North! 😛 Hehe.

    It’s bad that you lost your phone 😦

    This is my post about the Madikeri Visit – http://wp.me/s11lgU-mmmam

  3. Also,

    So *That* is what the view from Raja’s seat is supposed to be. Nice. Have a look in that post at my view from Raja’s seat; Couldn’t see a thing! xD

  4. I had been there in Aug-Sep 10, but this home-stay concept is nice!
    So do they rent out the place of one has to have ties with them?

    • Yeah It is a nice concept. You should try it out once and make sure you spend some time there and relax. Plus you also get to eat some traditional Coorgi homemade dishes.

      Am a veggie but for others Coorgi’s are supposed to make awesome pork curry. You can try if you wish to

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  6. Lovely! Sad that you lost your phone, indeed a bad experience. You had an army of beautiful girls at Coorg! Hahaha….

    By the did you try the recipe from the other post? 🙂 after all, coffee estates are so beautiful. If you see the dried coffee plant, painted stands as one of the decorative items.

    • Thanks! I will pass on your comment to the other beautiful girls too 🙂

      Nope. haven’t been able to try it yet.Yeah Coffee estates are indeed beautiful. The life staying in an estate is so very different from a life we know.

  7. I just felt the proudest reading this post. Amazing post btw! I am natively from Coorg …bought up and setttled in Delhi though….Parents settled in Coorg now and running a small homestay…plan to go back soon for a long eventful vacation and fulfill my parents dreams of a resort there.

    Next time you go…get hold of some local jeep guy and ask them to take to some hidden beauties….Because there are a couple or more bigger waterfalls than Abbey and you can have a dip too unlike the must publicized falls like Abbey and Irupu. Lots of small river streams flow through some of the estates….maybe a picnic or camping by the riverside next time….!!!

    Keep writing and Keep Posting!

    • Thanks Vandana 🙂 We played in the water at abbey when I had been to Coorg like ages ago. I was kinda sad to see it is no longer possible now.

      Will try out the river-side camping next time and also check out some hidden beauties. And may be stay in your resort too if it is ready by then 😀

  8. Well, I will be more than happy to have you visit….and you wouldn’t have to go so far to camp by the riverside either …..have a place like that where I spend most of my time whenever I go there…..plus there is this waterfall called Ambeypaare nearby…its huge…its a monsoon waterfall though which means lots of water during 6-9months of rains and nothing much during the rest …so pick a good time to visit and I might just show you around ….and camping can be always arranged….I am planning a camp set-up sometime soon anyway 🙂 Resort is going to take about a year or so though 🙂

    • Hi Anil,

      The place we stayed in is called Maracad Home stay. We had booked the place in advance as there are only 4 rooms available for occupancy.

      Contact details as below:

      Address :
      Maracad Estate
      Hachinadu Village & Post
      Ammathi Vontiangadi
      South Coorg – 571211
      Contact Person : Bheemaiah / Reshma
      Telephone No : 08274 254090, 08272 – 200469,
      mobile : 9343202200, 9008141189
      email : organicvilla@yahoo.co.in

      Hope that helps.

  9. Hi Sapna, I work for MyGuestHouse.com, a MakeMyTrip group company. We run a travel stories blog. Enjoyed your story. Let me know if you want to get more publicity for your articles by writing a travel story for us. Have subscribed to your blog also.

    • Hey Thanks so much for the feedback and for subscribing. I would love to write more travel stories for a makemytrip company. I am in Pune currently and the monsoons have just started(the best time to travel around here). Great opportunity to travel more and write more me thinks. 🙂

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