Coorg – 2

View from Talakaveri temple

View from Talakaveri temple

Continued from earlier post – Coorg – 1 .

One of the places you shouldn’t miss if you go to Coorg is Tala-Kaveri, which is the origin of river Cauvery (Kaveri ). There is a temple built at the source where you can get a pooja done and also a place where you can throw a coin and wish. But the best thing about the place is the natural beauty. The silence, the air, the greenery is breath-taking. I just didn’t want to leave the place.

Paputtu - a Coorgi dish

Paputtu - a Coorgi dish. Since I lost my phone with the pic, have taken it from the Internet.

We couldn’t visit Bhagamandala (one of our friends is apparently too cool for visiting a temple). It is again a temple, built at the confluence of river Kaveri and it’s two tributaries : Kanika and Sujyoti ( joins from underground). It is considered sacred because of the triveni sangam  and the temple is a blend of Malayalee and Nepali architecture. I had visited Coorg, may be around 13-14 years back and I think it is this place where we could stand at the point of tributaries meeting and you could keep one feet in cold water and other in slightly warmer water. Two sources meeting at the single point and still retaining their thermal identity. Is that even possible? Don’t know but I clearly remember that amazing feeling.

Inside Golden Temple

Inside Golden Temple

Talking of temples, another one you shouldn’t miss is the Golden temple in Kushal Nagar(an hour away from Madikeri). It is a Buddhist temple along with the Nyingmapa Tibetan Monastery. The beautiful array of colours leaves you dazzled. We also spotted this cute white duck at the temple premises and some rabbits with pink eyes too. Also the shopping complex offers you a wide range of Tibetan goods.

White Duck

White Duck @ the temple complex premises

The most recent addition to the tourist attractions of Coorg is the Dubare Elephant Camp. The place also offers river-rafting but then we again had no time coz some people had more important things to do than have fun at a trip.


crying elephant

Anyway, if you go at the right timing, you also get to give the elephants a bath(at a price of course). I think it is between 9-10 in the morning and 4-5 in the evening. We had to take a boat to reach the place. You also get a chance to feed the elephant and ride on the elephant. We reached at an odd time so all we got to do was see the elephants and talk to them(yeah I did).  I felt bad for them. I even saw one crying. Wish I could do something for them.

That brings an end my Coorg saga.  🙂

I also know of Nisargadhama in Madikeri which is known to be good place to visit but we didn’t go as we didn’t have enough time. I just remember a tree house @ the place from my trip to Coorg way back when I was in school.

Golden Temple Premises

Golden Temple Premises

Also, from one of the posts, I came to know of the museums in the city of Madikeri, which one can visit.

With Balaram

With Balaram

soaked in the colours of Golden Temple

Soaked in the colours of Golden Temple

Hope you enjoyed reading this 🙂

22 thoughts on “Coorg – 2

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  2. Oh wow. I/We had no idea there was a Golden Temple there! The photos from the temple look so wonderful! Totally jealous. Haha, wish I could exchange it for the train ride you missed and was jealous of! 😛 🙂

    • haha. yeah that is a good exchange offer 😛

      The Buddhist Temple is one of the best parts of the trip. It is quite near by and you can visit it even on a weekend.

      Thanks for the pingback 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Malou.

      Paputtu is a steamed rice dish with coconut milk. Will try it out once and If I am successful will post the recipe on the blog 🙂

  3. Hi, Would you be able to elaborate the trip from BLR to and fro and some accomodation tips for outstation folks especially with family and numbers upto 6-7 people.
    And another question would it be ok to travel with elders who cant walk long?


  4. wow, I never knew there was a buddhist golden temple here. I’m so going to make it my next Biking trip. Had been through a long and tiring bike trip and i needed something more of a short and refreshing tour from Bangalore. This sounds perfect. thanks for sharing the experience and pics 🙂 .. keep moving..

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