Jaspal Bhatti – The original satirist

It is indeed a sad day. Jaspal Bhatti, the satirist, died in a road accident this morning. Most of us would remember him from his hit show ‘Flop show’. He was made for social satire. He took on everybody – chief guests arriving fashionably late, fake medical reimbursement claims of employees police, from police, doctors to PhD guides. They used to be so good just the title song makes you laugh. The show started with titles saying “mismanged by” and “misdirected by”. RIP Jaspal Bhatti! You will always be remembered.

A short video of Jaspal Bhatti from Mar 2010.

3 thoughts on “Jaspal Bhatti – The original satirist

  1. Indeed he is my fellow chandigarhian.. I have met him a lot of times.. one of my college class mates use to be a actor in his team.. so with him have had the oppurtunity to meet Jaspal bhatti a few times ..

    The best I enjoyed was his rally , about bridegrooms on sale everyone dressed as a groom walking next to GCG and university..
    he and his wife are a very humble couple…

  2. i still remember how desperately we all used to wait for the show…it was plane, simple yet so effective that it reached masses…it was one of my fav shows and i can certainly say it was same for all of that era. RIP Mr.Bhatti.

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