Saluting the braveness

It is anything but easy to talk about events from the past that you don’t look back fondly. Yet here are 3 women talking about rape and how they survived and also thrived after the incident.

I think it is incredibly brave of them to do so. Worldwide there are still people and whole societies believing that the onus is on a woman to be not raped. If unfortunately, it happens, then it is the victim who is to be blamed for letting it happen. Most victims go through life with a guilt they never are able to get rid of. Though most certainly NO ONE asks for it.

misslisted says “I am also moved to tell this story now because I am shocked and alarmed by the utter lack of clarity and insight on the part of some politicians recently on the subject of rape.” This post, would hopefully, also serve as a response to our very own people who believe rapes are caused due to chow mein, short skirts, girls not being married as soon as they are born or girls staying out late or whatever other stupid excuse they come with up.

Rape is caused by one person choosing to violate the rights of another, an act of violence. Period. Anything said to justify the act is just a pathetic attempt to look away from reality.

4 thoughts on “Saluting the braveness

    • Thanks so much! I am honored.

      Checked out the site. Nice concept I must say. Also liked the idea of a Hindi editor on the side. Kudos to all the authors of the site.

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