Outraged about the Delhi Rape Incident?

Outraged about the Delhi rape incident, are you? I am too but the reason I hadn’t written anything about this incident or the earlier Guwahati incident is because I know none of this is going to stop because I am writing about it or ranting and raving about it on FB. People will be outraged about it for a while till it is in the media and then go about their business as usual only to be awakened by another such brutal incident. In the meanwhile, the victims die or live in condition worse than death and the rapists roam go scot-free. What is required is a change in the mindset of the people in our country which is way far away from the required mindset right now. We cannot expect change till we believe women are a liability, till our movies stop showing girls going out late in the night and getting raped or in some fortunate cases helped by a hero who gives them a lesson of life by telling them to stay indoors after late henceforth, till we stop treating girls/women as property and the list can go on. This was aptly put in a FB status by Geetha Jacob. Geetha, if you are listening, Thanks for putting it this way and letting the outraged people know they rape indirectly too and a lot of times. And let me tell you this applies to most in our society and not just men but women too. There is no hope till we fix this.

The FB status said:

You stay silent when your mother is treated like shit by your father,
You stay silent when your friend takes dowry from his wife’s family,
You stay silent when your classmates sits at a nukkad whistling ‘maal’ at passing women saying it is innocent fun,
You stay silent when a million women every year in this nation are murdered before birth or their breath dunked in milk before god after it,
You don’t report the drunkard husband who beat up your maid servant because it is not your business,
You stayed silent when your boss hit upon a female colleague and you told her to grin and bear it because it happens everywhere,
You sing along with your favourite male stars as they call their ‘items’ chikni chameli and halkat jawani etc.,
You stay silent when our police and paramilitary gang rape tribal and lower caste women and shove stones inside their rectum saying that that’s an aberration of the system,
You did not protest the lower pay that your female colleagues got just because of their sex,
You helped your parents arrange a marriage for your sister against her wishes saying she doesn’t know her mind,
You stayed silent when in a family discussion a woman’s voice was silenced by the cacophony of male voices,
You force a woman to wear burqa in the pretext of sharia law or justify their domesticity because some asshole called Manu wrote some asinine laws hundreds of years back,
You think feminism is shit and feminist loud mouthed ‘bitches’ who have not better work to do than cry victim,
You applaud as Hindu right wing men barge into a hotel and slap ‘immoral’ women with the intention of ‘reforming’ their ‘maa’ ‘behen’
You stay silent when females in a party are sent away to discuss ‘childish’ things even as you discuss ‘important’ things like politics and all in their absence,
You stayed silent when your father directly and sarcastically showed your mother that she’s lower then men in intelligence time and again,
You objected loudly when your girlfriend, wife wanted to put her life and career ahead of yours saying yours was more important,

And now suddenly you have become a man because ONE woman was brutally beaten and raped while you conveniently forget the hundreds of women whose psyche you were responsible for brutally beating and raping directly, or indirectly through your inaction… and now you evoke the same ‘maa’ and ‘behen’ argument to protect them…

Thanks to the serpent of your awakened manhood, that woman in Delhi will perhaps get justice. But what about the millions of other women in the country of different religion, region and sect united by their shared injustice who will perhaps never get justice precisely for the same reason – your manhood?

25 thoughts on “Outraged about the Delhi Rape Incident?

  1. Such a sad state of affairs and true there are so many suffering women and the laws are so easy to by-pass that the victims can forget about getting justice!! I remember the Guwahati incident and the protests after that. Sadly after a few days everyone forgets and moves on. The only ones who have to go through it for the rest of their lives are the ones suffering and their families..!! I do hope as a nation, we set a better example!
    I like that FB status and the indirect molestation lines.. So true!!!

  2. When I read the story, and it was after our tragic story at the school, I was again sickened by what happens in our world. The men who did this were sick. I read your blog and I wondered how many things have they all done, and no one stopped them, or questioned previous actions. There is a show here, maybe you can find episodes online, it is called, What Would You Do. These are situations that are set up with actors, and the scenes are uncomfortable, like a man making sexual comments to a woman in public. The majority of the people do nothing, then one will stand up. I shake my head every time I watch this show. My last 3 jobs I have lost, because I spoke up, many times there is a cost, in my case, the safety of children was more important, and the dying wish of one was fulfilled.

    • Kudos! True. Standing up for justice costs and so glad to come across somebody who didn’t mind paying the cost for justice and that too with 3 jobs. Hats off to you.

      Will watch the episodes online. Though I am quite sure in many situations the way we think we’ll act and the way we act is different due to various reasons. Hope we all can summon enough courage to act as we ought to and hope our societies punish the guilty rather than the victim or the whistle-blower.

  3. I hope this outrage and processions bring atleast tougher laws and don’t fall on deaf ears! A great post Sapna! I hope all those women who has faced such horrible accident come out and report to police. Speaking out openly can help many others!

  4. A lot of things have to change in our society. It might not happen in our lifetime but this change is very slow. I think the first step is to change the mindset of the society. As you have pointed out all the scenarios where men behave as complete MCPs, the first step is for men is to realise that what they are doing is wrong. It is a process that will take a long time but I am hopeful that it will happen.

    • Hope is a good thing 🙂

      I wouldn’t blame only the men here. Even women are equal offenders in a lot of cases. It has got a lot to do with the way our societies think and the beliefs

  5. Among all the verses in that prose, I was particularly struck by the one that attacked songs such as ‘halkat jawaani’ and ‘chikni chameli.’ That’s one argument that I have not entirely been able to get my head around yet. These songs and movies consider themselves exempt from blame for the way they influence society by saying that they are artists and such songs/movies reflect our society itself. And that’s a valid argument too. But it is also true that there is a whole section in the film industry that relies on such songs to sell their movies. The movies themselves sell what the audience likes. It may or may not be cinematic brilliance, but it sells and that’s why there are people making it. The gun violence in the United States that has been in discussions after the Newtown, Connecticut shootings is also being said to be an influence of the movies and TV shows that project men as macho if they walk around with a gun.

    This is an argument that has been raging for decades and will continue to rage on because I don’t think either side can win or lose it. It would be wrong to say the movies are to blame for rape cases though. I can think of ten better reasons for that taking place – starting with a lack of policing in Delhi.

    • I didn’t edit that comment well enough. I meant the makers of such songs and movies consider themselves exempt from blame …

  6. Sapna,

    I always hope out of tragedy comes change. I have been following this story in the news, and the people are rioting and still speaking about this deplorable incidence as well as the others. Change is coming, it will come. The seed has been planted.

  7. I am not trying to justify rape but I only request people to maintain a balance and not hype the Delhi gangrape incident as if it is the only problem in the country. Section 376 Indian Penal Code already provides for a maximum of life sentence for rape, and I see no reason why capital punishment should also be provided for it.

    • It is one month since the incident happened and we are yet to see any action. What happened to sec 376? If you don’t get outraged now, when will you? To say that the Delhi incident was barbaric is understatement . And this is not just about this one incident we have such incidents happening every day and and in all parts of our country. If we don’t speak up now, when will we? Have we become so thick-skinned that nothing shocks us anymore or have we gone back to medieval ages?(Or may be we are still living in medieval ages)

      Also what we are talking about here is a change in social mindset and not about capital punishment

    • Yup. Read the article. Incredibly brave of her to write down about the incident but as she said our idea of why rape is horrible needs to change and that need a change in social change as compared to changes in law.

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